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Seed Paper Christmas Cards: Trendy Holiday Greetings

Seed Paper Christmas Cards? Yes, I’m already looking at the end of the year and planning my cards, gifts and adventures. There is no better time to figure it out than when you’re not pressured. Which brings me to this trendy idea of seed paper that is making waves (seed waves of course).

Seeds hanging off of stalks
Seed Paper comes from different seeds.

I guess we should talk Christmas Cards. I don’t email holiday cards. EVER! You either get a real, paper card from me or you get nothing. The one mouse click and your Christmas greeting is on the screen and deleted quickly thereafter has me screaming fake when it comes to reflecting on the holiday season. That’s just my impression of electronic Christmas Cards anyway. I love putting cards on the mantel so I want others to have the same experience. (This is sounding a little controlling, right?)

Christmas Card Buying Before the Holiday

Anyway, before the prices jump for buying Christmas cards in bulk, I've been looking. It’s that time of year again when you look for the perfect Christmas card, with a lovely message to the world. Along with a handwritten signature and a special salutation I drop it in the mail. So this year, I’ve decided to try seed paper Christmas cards.

Seed paper is a new trend sweeping the world and it has many benefits. It’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and a great way to reuse natural materials. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder why more people are making seed paper Christmas cards this year. Myself included!

What is Seed Paper?

Seed paper is paper made out of seeds instead of wood pulp. The seeds used to make paper include sunflower, pomegranate, wildflower, and flax. The seeds are pressed and dried to form paper. The paper made from these seeds is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and you can toss in your compost!

Seed paper Christmas cards can also have fragrances (mine won’t but it is an option.) So you can actually offer a little bit of nature in your end of year greeting. Honestly, all of this is pretty cool!

Why Send a Christmas Card Made of Seed Paper?

The best thing about Christmas cards made of seed paper is that they are a great way to help the environment. Unlike traditional cards that are made of wood pulp, seed cards are 100% biodegradable. They will break down in the soil when you plant them.

This means you can plant them in your garden as a new flower or in pots to make beautiful indoor plants! Traditional cards don’t usually biodegrade, so once you throw them away, they stay in the landfills for a long time.

This brings me back to the idea of actually sending a Christmas card too. Many people on my list moan about receiving an actual card with environmental concerns (as they toss a candy wrapper in the trash and you know who you are) so this addresses this issue.

Seed Paper is an Eco-Friendly Trend

I think we are seeing new ideas for old traditions and I couldn’t be happier. If I can share the happiness I feel for Christmas or Holidays in a card without earth implications, I’m all for it. However the seed cards are not just a trend for Christmas cards in 2022. This will be for years to come, starting with 2023. You can also send seed paper cards for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or any other special occasion. And you can even buy special seed cards for Mother’s and Father’s Day! So this is a cool way of greetings and it’s fun too.

DIY Seed Paper Holiday Cards

Seed cards are a great way to send eco-friendly greetings for any occasion. They are not just for Christmas, you can send them for a host of different holidays too! It's considered a do-it-yourself project idea too.

While you won’t catch me making any DIY seed paper holiday cards, it’s a craft that many people love doing. From making sheets of paper to actual cards, there are some amazing videos on this art form made at home. It appears to be simple and fun too!

In Conclusion

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why more people are making seed paper Christmas cards this year or buying them in bulk (like me.) It’s a great way to be eco friendly, still offer a holiday tradition and give the best.

Of course they are all little pricer than the Christmas cards at the drugstore, but that’s OK. When I send my seed paper Christmas cards, I’m not thinking about cash….I’m thinking about holiday well-wishes I am sending to others. Of course, that’s what the holidays are all about!


Jodi Jill

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