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Swiss Cheese Plant: Holes Start a Conversation

Do you have a Swiss cheese plant at your house? You can’t miss it as it’s a houseplant that develops holes in its leaves, giving it a distinctive look that’s impossible to miss. And from what I’ve seen no two plants are alike!

If not, you need to buy a Swiss Cheese plant ASAP!

Gardening Trend of 2022

The latest trend of gardening (and plant species everywhere) is the Swiss cheese houseplant. Technically called Monstera deliciosa, and from a little personal insight of mine, it’s a plant that gets people talking.

The species is of the flowering plant native to tropical forests of southern Mexico

and if you’ve vacationed in Hawaii you’ve probably seen it too.. Why? Be seen in your home or in the forest because…well… it looks like Swiss Cheese.

Technically, the whole plant doesn’t look like cheese. Just the leaves. In what appears to be a natural mystery, the leaves have these random holes. While you could justify a few, the rest of the holes look like an insect or animal was munching. Which is fine, in the middle of a forest, but when you are talking about a plant in your living room? Well, that’s what gets people talking. And they will be touching the leaves too.

The Swiss Cheese Plant Has Interesting Leaves for a HousePlant

The green plants are low light needing and can grow at a steady pace. However, they kind of hate direct or too much sunlight as they turn yellow. Of course, the typical watering schedule (which is whenever I remember around here) is the best too. I’ve yet to kill it as it’s pretty resilient and has the will to live even though my thumb is sort of brown. It can sit outside or be inside, depending on the choice of the human.

Houseplant Conversation

I’ve had guests over who can’t stop touching the Swiss Cheese houseplant. It’s an interesting phenomenon as you probably wouldn’t think this one species could cause so much inquiry. From asking about the plant to finding out if I cut holes into the leaves (nope- those are natural) the minds want to know.

Which brings me to the dinner party we had a couple weeks ago. This lonely Swiss cheese plant was in the corner. I’ve got an amazing pot for it and it’s a nice addition to the room as it’s a corner piece (even though it’s living). Not ten minutes into the gathering before a guest was over at the plant asking questions. This didn’t end their discussions around the plant lingered all evening.

At about 8pm the cell phones were out and everyone was searching for a local nursery where they could pick up the plant in the morning. Out of the group, there was only one who didn’t find the plant interesting. It was obvious as he continued to roll his eyes and turned his back to the plant. Luckily there were beverages there to cover his pain.

The Swiss Cheese plant is one way to start the great conversations. This isn’t the first time I’ve been engaged with a plant conversation, but this single plant is the only one people are remotely interested in talking about. Even when I had it on the patio as I cleaned the apartment, I was asked by a stranger walking by the back on the walking path.

Chat it Up: Houseplant Style

Yes, it’s interesting to have the Swiss Cheese plant at the house, perhaps in the garden and even at the office, but the best part is it will never make you lonely. People are going to stop and ask about the plant which is the perfect way to start a conversation. My only advice is to do a little research on what local nursery has the Swiss Cheese houseplant so you can easily answer where to buy one when they ask


Jodi Jill

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