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The Ranch Cast: Why Fans LOVE this TV Show

Who on The Ranch cast portrays your favorite character? The TV show is impacting the television world for some good reason: it's a great sitcom and a fun series to watch. From the first episode to the cliffhanger on the latest episode, the audience is fully engrossed with the characters. And watching it, the first thing viewers notice it is a well-written show.

The Ranch cast has TV fans enjoying the sitcom
The Ranch cast has fans loving this TV show

The Ranch Cast: It Makes Netflix Worth Purchasing

Fans of The Ranch cast and the TV show aren't holding back their excitement. Yes, the show is on Netflix, but even those folks who don't have an ongoing subscription are giving high marks to this show. The Ranch episodes draw fans in as the series is quite intelligent and funny. Sounds pretty normal, except when you start watching this show you realize it's a step about other broadcast shows. There is a new bar for sitcoms and this show is exactly what fans were thirsty for. Throw in the cursing (lightly, mind you) and it's like you are sitting inside the house literally listening to the banter going back and forth.

Another strong element catering to the fans is the reality of this situation. We all know of people who have come back home, after failing in life, to do their best and regroup in their hometowns with the help of family. Some people try again. Others live with their parents forever. It's a life theme we can all relate to as sometimes life makes us retreat. Leaving us to deal with the fallout of broken dreams.

Set in Ouray, Colorado the backdrop of this feel good sitcom isn't just a dynamic mix of characters, it's also the location. The Ranch cast works well together because they cater to this unique area. Believe it or not, this is the second big sitcom out of Colorado. The location grabs the essence of the Rocky Mountain community and gives a contextual focus to life that's far more simplistic. While far different in sitcom content, Last Man Standing also is set in Denver and fans have loved the community feel found in episodes seen on ABC and then FOX.

The Ranch Cancellation: Not Yet

The fans of The Ranch TV show received delightful news that this show is continuing until 2020. The final season will be season 4 and some people think this is just a shame as the world was just really starting to notice this show. The bittersweet announcement in the first part of September is a reminder that all good things must end. however, as passionate as the fans are, don't expect this to do away without a major online and social media campaign for the show to reconsider. The Ranch cancellation was announced as well, but that is more like a series finale happening in the near future.

Does Everyone Know about The Ranch?

You'd have to be under a rock not to know about The Ranch cast performances and this amazing TV show. Or maybe you just live in Los Angeles. On a side note, I've got to share what I was hearing about this show from some not-so-aware TV watchers. I was at the CBS Television Studios in line listening to people dissect what The Ranch was about on Monday. We were all waiting for a late night TV show taping and standing around without our phones, people were chatting to pass the time. Since I've seen the show and it's rude to interject, I did my part to just listen. Frankly, it was a hilarious reflection on how different the world is, depending on where you live. Debating what the show was about, it was apparent none of the dozen or so people had seen a clip. Or anything close to the show. They determined it was all about salad dressing as, unfortunately, nobody had their cell phones to do a quick search. It was sort of odd to me as people I know, outside of the SoCal bubble seem very familiar with this sitcom.


Jodi Jill

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