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Jodi Jill is the creator of National Puzzle Day a #hashtag holiday celebrated by over 5 million people in 2019. She is a professional writer who enjoys covering travel, celebrity, entrepreneur ideas along with how to and freebie hacks. Her accomplishments include a weekly syndicated column seen in newspapers across the country for over 20+ years along with over 14 published titles.

Looking to share her success with SEO marketing, Jodi Jill speaks across the country on her niche of using hashtags in digital media to expand readership. 

Never one to just stand around, every year she takes to the sky to skydive on her birthday. Looking to share her joy in life, she loves walking her dog Addo on the beach, loves the attractions at Disneyland and enjoys visiting Disney World.


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Jodi Jill

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Believe in the best of everything, always keep the faith and never stop hustling. That's the ONLY way to make things happen

About Jodi Jill

Jodi Jill is a professional writer, syndicated columnist, professional puzzle maker and speaker. She loves to share her experiences of the world as she explores how the world works...

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