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Corn Word Search Puzzle

Yummy! Nothing is better than corn! Perfect to chew off the cob or be a little more focused and pile it on the spoon. The delightful taste almost makes you forget it is a vegetable! If you haven't had any corn lately, that's OK you can still enjoy the printable word puzzle!

The word list that is part of the Corn word search includes: BAKE, BREAD, COB, CREAM, EARS, FARM, FIELD, FLAKE, FLOUR, GRAIN, GROW, HUSK, LIVESTOCK, STARCH, SWEET, SYRUP, YELLOW, YOUNG


The Corn word search difficulty: Easy to Moderate

The Corn word search has a great word list revealing everything that we could think of about this bright yellow treat. The printable puzzle is perfect for vegetable lovers everywhere!

The best part of corn has to be the moment you grab an ear right off the stock and take it home to eat. The freshness of the vegetable is amazing and if you add a few things on top, it's beyond delicious!

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