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You Made it! Welcome to the official Jodi Jill blog where ping pong is only played when reciting the alphabet, pickles get their own food group status and Jodi's dog is the cutest chipmunk hater on the block. Check out Jodi's personal blog  with a lot of passion!

Jodi Jill and Incredible Hulk
Jodi Jill's Dog Addo listening to her discuss SEO marketing and Hashtags
Colored Pencils

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Jodi Jill

Make Things Happen.

Believe in the best of everything, always keep the faith and never stop hustling. That's the ONLY way to make things happen

About Jodi Jill

Jodi Jill is a professional writer, syndicated columnist, professional puzzle maker and speaker. She loves to share her experiences of the world as she explores how the world works...

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