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Weird Toothpaste Flavors: 11 Bizarre Non-Mint Flavors

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Non-Mint Toothpaste Flavors are Available

Who says toothpaste has to be minty? maybe you're searching for weird toothpaste flavors to liven up the morning routine. Or it could be mint just isn't your thing every day!

Bizarre toothpaste flavors

If you're looking for a change, there are plenty of weird and wonderful non-mint toothpaste flavors out there. From fruity to spicy, there's something for everyone.

Bizarre Toothpaste Flavors Sell

It's interesting that we all assume the toothpaste tastes about the same (well I certainly did). Since the only other flavor I really knew about was cinnamon, the idea of changing up was a little unnerving. That's when I started exploring.

My first stop was toothpaste tablets. This ingenious idea eliminates the toothpaste tube and puts a pill right in your mouth to froth and brush. Cool idea, but the varieties I tasted were dreadful with a piercing aftertaste. It seems the toothpaste pills need a little more development for main street consumption.

Toothpaste Flavors For Everyone

Which brought me to the realization that toothpaste tubes are my thing. What needed to change was the flavor. So I went on a hunt to find this perfect flavor that would keep the smile bright and white. For the record there is so many kinds of toothpaste that I feel like we need some sort of regulatory board. The tooth care area in a department store is overwhelming, but the toothpaste flavors out there could scare anyone back to mint...I am just saying.

Here are the best of the weird toothpaste flavors I've found so far:

  • Fruit Flavors. Fruit lovers rejoice! There are plenty of toothpaste flavors out there that will tantalize your taste buds. From strawberry to grape, there's a fruit-flavored toothpaste out there for everyone. My personal weird flavor that might be a little close to food is the Tom's Mango toothpaste. I mean I am sure it's a fine product, but the idea is so weird that we brush with a flavor that also can be found in soda pop.

  • Spicy Flavors. If you're looking for a little bit of a kick, then try a spicy toothpaste flavor. From cinnamon to clove, these flavors will definitely wake up in the morning. Are you thinking cinnamon won't be enough to offer a kick? Well then the wasabi toothpaste is definitely going to have your attention.

  • Floral Flavors. For something a little bit different,, try a floral flavored toothpaste. These can be anything anything from from rose to lavender and are perfect for a flowery flavor.

  • Breakfast Toothpaste. If you want to taste breakfast before heading to the table, may I suggest bacon toothpaste. Yep, it's the read deal and you can find it at the local department store. Of course the hilarious April first prank of Fruit Loops Toothpaste is one for the record books and it's too bad that's not real...

  • Chocolate Toothpaste. It's not a gimmick, isn't not actually chocolate syrup either. The people who buy this might be thinking this is a great flavor, but we all must ask, is chocolate breath before breakfast really a good thing?

List of Toothpaste Flavors

And last but not least, there are plenty of other bizarre toothpaste flavors out there that are mint-free that I've come across on my search. Honestly, I am unsure if I should even try these, but if you are bolder, then go right ahead! Weird toothpaste flavors include:

  1. Ketchup

  2. Eggplant

  3. Curry

  4. Licorice

  5. Coffee

  6. Honey

  7. Lemon

  8. Pine

  9. Champagne

  10. Pickle

  11. Cupcake

In Conclusion

If you're not a fan of the cooling sensation of mint, then try one of these non-minty options. From fruity to spicy, there's sure to be a flavor that you'll love. And if not, well, I'll see you back at the toothpaste section at the store as we all know mint flavor toothpaste is readily available.


Jodi Jill

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