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2019 Halloween Costume Trends: Mr Rogers, Progressive Insurance's Flo and VSCO Girl

Sexy Mr Rogers? Progressive Insurance's Flo? A VSCO Girl (pronounced vis-co just in case you were wondering.) The 2019 Halloween Costume trends don't have a massive impact from Hollywood this year. The truth is there has been so much political and overall American discourse that the Internet has really shaped the 2019 Halloween costume trends.

2019 Halloween Costume Trends

Step Aside Witches: 2019 Halloween Costume Trends are Web Based

In previous years, people would find ways to showcase new movies or drastic characters seen on the screens over the year. Focusing on scary or intense, Halloween was a time to let loose with the characters we found delightful. In 2019, it appears there is more of an interest in characters coming from the influence we have in our daily lives.

A Sexy Mr Rogers? OMG! A 2019 Halloween Costume Horror

If you are a fan of Mr. Rogers, you might not like what some people are planning to honor the man. Yes, there is a movie about the amazing man who impacted America's kids, but not until November. Plus, and I do promise this, there is no way Tom Hanks will be walking out on stage in a pair of short shorts like this 2019 Halloween costume. The offerings of a sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween costume is one of those tiny outfits that deserve a massive eye roll. Show off everything, skimpy, tight clothing and claims that the color coordination makes it a Halloween costume. Know someone who has bought one online and is coming to your party? Look away if you don't have a sense of humor or it will kill your inner child.

What 2019 Halloween Costume Trends are appealing to wear for candy?

VSCO Girl Halloween Costume? Explanation needed at Every Door

OK, if you aren't familiar with a VSCO Girl, then you might just overlook this trend. a VSCO Girl could best be described as one of those super-fake influencers that offer up the perfect look with every posting. The perfect photo with a filter-tuned look, the subtle product to pitch and of course the save the environment tone that might (or might not) be real. Add they offer up way too many written shortcuts on describing sounds, a lot of duck lips in pics and plenty of makeup with the utopia backdrop of the beach. This exaggerated look for online posting has people dressing up as what is being called a VSCO Girl Halloween costume. Actually it is probably one of the easiest Halloween costumes to pull off, except that everyone over 25 will need a full-on explanation of what the costume represents as it's not a simple witch or anything.

Progressive Insurance's Flo as a Halloween Costume? Kind of Cool

One of the most iconic insurance sellers has to be Flo. You know Progressive Insurance's Flo is hard to miss. She dresses up in white with a white apron and bright red lipstick. Her hair is perfect too. Apparently, she is someone people want to be too. The insurance company has actually put together a costume (for sale) for an easy Halloween character assembly. Or you probably could find a white apron and a badge and go for it too. Not be left behind, Flo isn't the only Progressive Insurance costume as Jamie is also available.

What 2019 Halloween Costume Trends Reveal About Our World

Thankfully we can dress up on October 31, 2019, any way we choose. However, even though we spend billions on this holiday to celebrate it feels strange to see these extravagant Halloween costume trends. Over the years I've seen enthusiastic firemen, Elmo, teachers and even astronauts come to the door for candy. It's always been the dream to dress up as something you want to make believe to be or aspire to be. While it's understandable a few people want to be Flo, it's just hard to imagine some of the crazy costumes purchased for this holiday. It's surely going to be interesting when we open that door to see who is looking for candy this year!


Jodi Jill

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