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35 Holiday Blog Post Ideas List for 2020

Time To Start Writing: Big Holiday Blog Post Idea List to Start

The holiday blog post ideas might not be your first priority right now, but 2020 is moving almost too fast. Don't wait! Between the election, the infection and a lot of strange things happening as we all try to stay safe it’s hard to believe that in less than three months the New Year will be celebrated. Yep, 2020 was strange and everyone is hoping for a positive ending and a strong start to 2021!

Not sure where to start? As writers, it's super important to get started as the holidays are coming whether we want them to or not! This 2020 Holiday Blog Post Ideas List is a great place to start when it comes to offering your readers new content. And most importantly you need to start now...way before the holiday season.

As you might imagine, people are looking for positive things to end 2020. If you keep your focus upbeat and suggest fun ideas, your posts will offer a great way to appreciate the holidays.

Big Holiday Blog Post Ideas List for 2020:

  1. Favorite new gifts holiday gift guide

  2. Holiday Wrapping Tips: Bows, gift tags and more

  3. A family holiday wish list

  4. Beautiful holiday makeup looks

  5. Holiday Tree Tips: Where to put ornaments, new designs

  6. Holiday Traditions

  7. Holiday party fashion including outfit ideas, accessories

  8. DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

  9. Holiday chores for the kids to help

  10. Holiday dinner preparations

  11. Simple DIY Christmas decorations

  12. Holiday and Christmas Travel

  13. Kids stocking stuffer gift guide

  14. Home Decoration - Budget friendly, New Ideas, DIY

  15. Holiday Reading: Family friendly holiday books

  16. Traditional holiday sweets recipes: Cakes, fudge and more

  17. Holiday Party beverages: Recipes, ideas and design

  18. Hosting the Perfect Christmas Dinner

  19. Simple, family friendly holiday crafts

  20. Gingerbread Traditions: Recipes, decoration ideas, how-to

  21. Positive holiday ideas

  22. Holiday healthcare: Avoiding burnout

  23. Holiday music: list of albums for the season

  24. Last minute Christmas gift ideas for family, friends

  25. How to find safe holiday events in your area

  26. Rest, relaxing, self-care during the holiday season

  27. Finding holiday lights to drive by in your area

  28. DIY alternatives to wrapping holiday gifts

  29. Holiday traditions unique to the season

  30. Perfect Christmas movies to watch with the family

  31. Holiday gift card: how to redeem, exchange, find perfect gifts

  32. Tips for holiday cleaning

  33. Having modified holiday traditions in 2020

  34. Christmas tree tips: Fresh, artificial, alternative ideas

  35. Holidays on a budget; DIY, ideas, opportunities

As you can see, the blog post list focuses on holiday blog posts that you might already have knowledge to share. Offering your holiday traditions, relevant recipes for fun food and even your favorite movies to watch with the kids are perfect ways to connect with your readers.

The holiday season kicks off right after Halloween (although some people do include the spooky holiday) and goes until after New Year’s Day. There are so many things people need to figure out, that offering up your tips may make someone else’s life easier.


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Jodi Jill

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