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7 Most popular Pop Culture Halloween Costumes in 2019

Looking for the most popular pop culture Halloween costumes in 2019? You might be surprised to learn that some of the best Halloween costumes are from some of the biggest influences of the year. Kids, adults and everyone in between are looking to see what they can be for Halloween to get the most candy (or if you are over 21, the biggest prize at the party.)

List of 7 Most popular Pop Culture Halloween Costumes in 2019
Most popular Pop Culture Halloween Costumes in 2019

Halloween costumes in 2019 might not be as original as you might think when it comes to pop culture. Society has seen some sequels when it comes to the movies and then there are a few Halloween favorites that people love to wear every year. All in all, the most popular pop culture Halloween costumes might not be the most original, but that's OK if you are planning to have fun!

7 Popular Pop Culture Halloween Costumes in 2019

Mary Louis - A 2019 Halloween costume offering a character perspective

1. Mary Louis in Big Little Lies. This HBO character has fans wanting to dress up as Meryl Streep's character. If you watch the show, you know the mannerisms of this character is almost more important than the dressing up. You need to know how to offer up passive aggressive compliments with a side eye to boot!

2. Old Town Road - Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X

Grab your cowboy hat, turn up one of the biggest hits of 2019 and enjoy impersonating

Billy Ray Cyrus or Lil Nas X. This is one of the best ideas (and could have all sorts of interpretations) for a pop culture Halloween costume. You could even enjoy a moment with the song blazing in the background as you make your presence riding in on your pony (stick pony of course.)

3. Coffee Cup in Game of Thrones

Feeling like you need to promote one of the biggest shows ever and caffeine. Well, you are in luck. The coffee cup - the one looking like Starbucks - is actually one great 2019 Halloween costume. While you might need to explain how the costume is more than just a coffee, when people find out you are referencing the Game of Thrones, they are going to have a great laugh!

4. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Hamburger and French Fries

The feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is over. While they might have hugged off screen, the two famous stars actually found their way to settle their differences by dressing up as a hamburger and french fries and hugging it out at the end of Taylor Swift's music video, You Need to Calm Down. This would be the perfect costume for a Halloween couple or best friends in 2019.

5. Rachel, Monica, or Any Other Character From Friends

The Friends TV show just celebrated a big milestone. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the popular TV series, there has been a lot of interest in the show. Have a favorite character? It doesn't matter which of the characters you choose, it will be a popular pop culture Halloween costume in 2019 as almost everyone loved the show!

6. Toy Story 4 Friends - Buzz, Woody or Any Character from the movie

The pals of Toy Story 4 are definitely popular Halloween costumes in 2019. Honestly, you might be thinking this sounds familiar. Like previous years had the same kind of interest in the characters. That would be true, but in 2019, many of the movie fans will be dressing up one final time to show their love for the film series. Plus there are so many characters from Toy Story 4 to choose from that you can't make a bad decision if you are trying for a popular pop culture Halloween costume to wear.

7. The Addams Family Characters based on the 2019 Addams Family Movie

The Addams Family TV show always had fans dressing up as their favorite characters. This year, with the new The Addams Family Movie, the younger fans will be reintroduced to the public, but this time it will be in animation. The movie will be released before Halloween and the Addams Family movie costumes in 2019 are already on the shelves. Paying homage to the characters - both in old and new form - this is a fun and perfect way to celebrate Halloween while wearing a popular pop culture costume in 2019.

Popular Pop Culture Halloween Costumes in 2019: Fun, Crazy & Unique

Halloween costumes in 2019 are always crazy and unique. Whether you decide to have a pop culture theme or go more traditional, take time to enjoy the experience. So many times we forget the idea is to offer up our creative take on a favorite character or idea for one night a year. Since people frown on dressing up any other day, make it your best impression for Halloween 2019.


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