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8 Costco Saving Cash Secrets: Where to find Costco Coupons

Looking to save cash at Costco locations? The warehouse store is popular with Costco locations around the country full of customers ready for a good deal. The fans of this store love using the Costco gas, Costco online shopping and checking out different Costco locations. Most folks who buy at the store already know they are getting a good deal, but what most people don’t know is you can get even more savings at Costco Locations by using a few tricks (legit of course!) Heck, it’s even possible to get Costco coupons for some of your purchases too!

Costco Locations are a great place to buy in bulk
Buying in Bulk? Check out Costco Locations

The best part of the membership-based box store is how you can get a great price on a variety of items. Frankly, it’s a shopper's paradise. There is no way you can find some items less expensive elsewhere. The only drawback is you need to buy in bulk, which sometimes is a pain (unless you have a big family or a big place to store the extra.)

Is it possible to stretch the bottom-line even further? All the Costco locations offer additional ways to save more cash. It’s all about being creative and focusing on what you need to purchase.

Costco Secrets to Saving Cash

Consider Splitting Your Purchases

If you have a small family or just don’t buy enough to warrant a big purchase, consider asking friends, family and colleagues if they would be interested in splitting up the purchases. Want a dozen eggs, but to get a great price you need to buy three dozen? If it’s substantially less, it’s worth asking around to see who else is looking for a good deal. Everyday items are less expensive at Costco locations (compared to everyday prices at grocery stores) so it’s worthy of finding people who need similar items and you both save money.

Buy Kirkland Over Name Brand Items

There is no shame in buying Kirkland items over name brand. In face there are some products that are made by the same company but have different labels on them. Other items are different, but substantially less. It’s worth a serious look to see what products you feel are worthy of saving some extra cash by not buying name brands.

Costco Online Shopping Might be Even Less Expensive

For certain items, especially nonfood items, you will see a major difference in pricing with Costco online shopping options. For electronics, it might take a few extra days for arrival, but the best deals could be posted online. Sometimes the deals are not just about saving money too. Offering more features, different options and full packages, the Costco online shopping experience is worthy of a look to find your best deal without all the fuss (and no lines too!)

Look for Costco Year End Seasonal Sales.

There are deals lurking in the Costco locations around the end of every season. Be it spring, summer, fall or winter some vendors in Costco would rather offer up a sale before having to pay to ship it back to the warehouse. This is especially true for local items at certain Costco locations. The idea is to sell as much product as possible and to do that, some companies are willing to substantially discount their products towards the end of their campaigns.

Watch for Popup Products with Specials

Ever go into a Costco location and see a product new to the store? The unique idea behind Costco is companies can hire staff and promote for a certain length of time to introduce the idea to consumers. The popup products are typically on an end cap of a row and they have demonstrators who keep talking about the benefits of the item. From knives to butter and every possible item in-between, the idea is to sell to the members. Many of the companies have great offers too. Especially for the food items. Keep an eye to see what might be coming to your local location and don’t hesitate to see what great deals are available.

Costco Food Court has hot dog and pizza deals
Costco Food Court had Pizza deals

Costco Food Court – Quick Food for Lunch or Dinner

Instead of going out, a great way to save money is to consider stopping by a food court and picking something up. The food court is far less hassle to get into as it’s outside the store and typically the food lines move fast at the Costco locations. The quick fix could be as simple as a hot dog or more elaborate for the family with pizza and salad. The endless soda fountains are always on too. The best part about the Costco food court is you aren’t carded as a member, so even nonmembers can enjoy the food, even if they are there to browse with you!

Buy Costco Gas

If you need gas (and who doesn’t) then consider using your membership to stock up on Costco gas. Typically, cheaper than gas stations around the neighborhood, Costco gas prices aren’t easily spotted (check out the gas station apps), but you will see the lines. The cars at a Costco gas location are long on the weekends and evenings, but they move fast as people fill up the tank and get on their way. Don’t forget you don’t need to be using gas to go to work to appreciate the savings. You could be on vacation, going across the country on a road trip or filling up for a day excursion. Anytime you have the membership card, you can fill your tank and anyone else’s for that matter.

Costco Coupons

Think it’s impossible to get Costco Coupons? Think again. The company does offer coupons from time to time, but to get the extra value you really need to be a focused shopper. So when do the coupons fly? I thought you would never ask….

Check the mailbox. Now don’t just be running out to the street corner for coupons, check your email too. Costco locations are known to have coupons when you renew your membership, there are Goupon coupons and even holiday specials that are sent via email and paper ads. There are also apps that work with local Costco locations to offer value. Granted, the Costco coupons you find will be sparse, but don’t be surprised if you come across a coupon or two with extraordinary value as that does happen especially during the holidays.

Final Thoughts for Saving at Costco Locations

As you might image, Costco locations around the country are different and cater to shoppers in their community. Not every location has Costco gas (man, wouldn’t that be awesome) and not every location is going to save you big cash. Shoppers in the Los Angeles area sometimes notice a flex of pricing from store to store, so it’s possible to be paying a little more in a different area. One place you would be paying more than anywhere else is Costco online shipping. So if you are wanting to find the best prices, check online, look for Costco coupons and consider all your options before laying down your hard earned cash.


Jodi Jill

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