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3 Not-to-Miss Android, iPhone Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2019

The best apps for selling stuff in 2019 need to be your go-to focus if you plan to sell this summer. As the weather warms up and the garage needs cleaning, it will be time to move some of the items you don’t use any more. Maybe you don’t want to put all the effort in dragging your items to the driveway to see if you can make a few bucks.

Android, iPhone Apps Replace Garage Sales to Sell Stuff

If you haven’t heard, garage sales are a thing of the past. Well, maybe they aren’t all gone, but people in today’s world prefer selling used items online. No more worry about placing pesky ads in the newspaper. Now people whip out their cell phones, take a photo and offer up a few words. It’s posted for anyone in the universe to buy (and nobody needed to drive to your house.)

If you’re looking for convenience, there are three decent apps for selling stuff that you could use on your iPhone or Android. These are not only active communities where you can buy and sell, they are fun to use. Plus, you can list your items faster than placing an order at the drive thru at the local fast food joint. And it’s so simple a baby can do it (but not recommended…)

Best Apps for selling stuff in 2019

OfferUp: This cool app has you take a picture, share the details and post. Not only can you connect with potential buyers, you can easily adjust your prices, change the photos and even bring views to your ad. Once the items are sold, it’s easy to take down the ad too.

Marketplace on Facebook: Yep, you could use Marketplace on your laptop too, but it’s easier on the cell phone. It’s an instant plug and share place. You know when you look at Facebook Marketplace you have a point of reference to work with a buyer. If you aren’t sure who you are dealing with, checking the profile makes it easy to determine if it’s not a scam (or crazy). Plus, the exposure of the Marketplace is insane - people from your neighborhood (and beyond) can see what you are offering.

LetGo: This is one selling app that people either really love or not. The mixed reviews aren’t just about the items being sold, but the locations where the seller lives. It’s a perfect app for selling stuff if you live in a populated area or mildly populated area, but the smaller communities don’t always have the eyes needed to sell stuff quickly. Try it in your area and see what happens. If you live close to some eager buyers, then you have no worries on selling your items!

Signing up for any of the three apps and getting started is quick and easy. After downloading the apps, expect to be verified and then a quick tutorial on getting started. While you might have mixed results for some items, keep in mind specialty items have their own apps too. Clothing could be posted on Poshmark. If you are looking at sporting equipment and used vehicles, check out 5miles. And if you don’t mind spending a little extra time shipping, the new eBay app is quick to post (and set your prices.)

Of course, when meeting up with any potential buyers, remember to use common sense and safety. Always refrain from having them come to the house. Offer to meet at a public place and make sure someone knows you are heading out. Many people who use the apps meet at local gas stations (where there are plenty of cameras), coffee houses and even the local police stations. Obviously the world isn’t out to get you (or at least I hope not) but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Jodi Jill

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