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Area 51 Raid Live Stream: Will you be watching?

When the Area 51 Raid is happening, I will be at least a thousand miles away watching live. Yep, I will hit up all the red carpets in Los Angeles, go to massive crowd concerts, but when it comes to this event, I think it's a safe bet to hold back. If you're worried about getting arrested (or losing a day's pay) then you probably will be watching the Area 51 Raid live stream too.

Alien 51 raid has a live stream

Adventure seekers are heading to be part of the Area 51 Raid

Frankly, there are plenty of mixed signals on exactly what will be happening when people arrive at Area 51 and this so called raid. Highly unlikely people are going to be storming the gates, but then again who knows. There is talk of clubs coming to see what might be available to do. Being it is in the middle of the desert with tons of security and no malls nearby, it's doubtful anything is going to be happening. Except, of course, t-shirt vendors selling their garb to offer up a remembrance of the experience.

Area 51 Raid: It's an unofficial event has consequences

A few people have already gotten arrested for driving into the area this month and charged with trespassing. While everyone is pretty clear this event wasn't serious, the organizers have officially disowned the idea of showing up. Obviously it was a joke. It was never intended to be a full on raid. Then a few too many serious people pledged to show and the news spread. There seems to be an issue of who might come, but at this point the bloggers and media have been hyping it. The area is taking no chances on what might happen. Locals have suggested the security has been beefed up and the airspace above the location has been declared a no-fly zone. Of course, those big signs indicating people shouldn't step foot in the area are posted everywhere too.

Watching the Area 51 Live Stream?

Are you going to be watching the Area 51 Live Stream while at work (or in the middle of the night at home)? The actual raid is supposed to be in the morning, so depending on your time zone, you probably could catch a few minutes of this live action. What you might see is yet to be determined. Perhaps people mulling around in the middle of nowhere? Or maybe soldiers coming up to the gates telling people to go home? With a little bit of luck we might see a little green man come down from the sky with his flying saucer and probe a few in the crowd.


Jodi Jill

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