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Auto Dog Feeder: Are Dog Owners Lazier or Busier?

An auto dog feeder? Is it just me or are dog owners getting lazier these days? Or Busier?

Dog on Lap
Auto Dog Feeder: A Trendy Pet Tool

I definitely get the responsibility of having a pet. I have a dog and sometimes I feel squeezed to get everything done. However, some of the new gadgets I see that are so popular seem to be not because humans are busy dog owners, but lazy people.

With the rise of connected devices and home automation, you can now control almost every aspect of your house from your smartphone. This includes monitoring the temperature, locking doors, and even controlling your home’s lighting. However, if your dog is feeling left out you have have an auto dog feeder so your pup is fed at the same time every day

What Is An Auto Dog Feeder?

An auto dog feeder is a feeder that lets you put the food in and set a timer for it to dispense the portioned amount of food at a specific time. You can also set the auto feeder to dispense food after a specific amount of time, like when you’re on a long day trip or know you will be home much later than normal.

I guess there are some good reasons for an auto dog feeder, but the thing is dogs used to wait for their owner to come home and then they ate at that point. It was like a bonding situation of sorts. And if the owner was late, like at my house, the dog waited. There was no griping or whimpering, it was just late and the dog dealt with it.

It’s Not New: Just Trendy

The auto dog feeder has been around for decades and is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of feeding your pooch. This device allows you to control the portions, the amount of food, and the frequency of your dog’s meals. It’s become the talk of the owners lately as more than a few people I know have been talking up the convenience (and they all work at home.)

Are You so Busy You Need to Plan?

Not every dog owner has the time to feed the dog daily without planning, which is understandable. However, more often than not, this handy little tool might be a step too much when it comes to actually owning a dog. I mean seriously if you have a dog, and feeding isn’t on the top of the list, it might not be your jam.

Are We Too Busy As Dog Owners to Care for Pets Anymore?

With all the crazy electronics coming out of the tech world for pet owners, I have to ask are we all too busy for dogs anymore. I mean these animals used to be man’s best friend. Now it appears man is super busy and unable to offer up enough time to put chow in the bowl.

It just seems a little bit much. Wouldn’t you agree? I enjoy taking time to walk, play brush and even eat at the same time that the dog has food. He eats so fast anyway, it’s hard to say if he had any kibble in the bowl as he munches in record pace.

Why My Dog Clearly Won't be Happy

Aside from the fact that a dog comes to expect food, I know there is a certain amount of social interaction that comes with feeding time. I know my dog would not be happy with an auto dog feeder. He’s more of a let’s eat together kind of pup. He always loves playing his odds with the table scraps after he finishes his food. And after the food, is a walk, which a machine definitely can’t replace me.

Bottom Line

A dog feeder is a great investment if you have special circumstances. You know, working later than expected, a new dog that’s jittery for food or even a special situation. It shouldn’t be a common thing though. The dog needs more attention than a daily dump of food into a dish. Even my pup expects a quick pet, a lick of the wet can spoon and my permission to take the first bite in the bowl.


Jodi Jill

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