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Going to Be Bold? Then 2020 is Your Year

Be Bold! Every year around New Year's Day I try to figure out exactly how I'd like to live in the upcoming year. While some folks offer up their lists of New Year's Resolutions (which I like to do as well), I think there is something to setting the vibe of the upcoming year. Bold happens to be my single word for 2020 and I couldn't be more excited.

Pause, Reflect, Work Hard

This year, probably more than ever, I've realized just how much I depend on New Year's. It's that single holiday that's really a free day. You can work, play or just veg out on the couch. Nobody cares. It's also a chance to do some self reflecting. It cuts off one year from the next and as humans, we feel the need to

reflect on doing better. Perhaps some of us reflect on ourselves more than others. Anyone who takes a minute to review the past 365 days will find areas of improvement and the new year gives a way to reset and make that happen.

Using a Single Word to Suggest How 2020 Could Feel

Offering up a single word (or maybe a hyphenated phrase that could be construed as single action, if you are a word person and looking to stretch your opportunity) sounds odd, but it works. Nobody is going to walk around thinking in 2020 I want to be sad. Or suggest that 2020 is the year of fear. However, who wouldn't consider being stronger, bolder and even more self-aware. Thus, every time you might find yourself in a questionable spot during the year, you think of that one word that you are striving for and remember to do better (or at least different.)

2020 Vibe Starts on New Year's Day

The principle of using a single word to suggest how you want 2020 to feel could be called projecting. It's also visualization. Many people use this idea on a monthly basis as they focus on their goals using a vision board as a guide. It's a tool to help keep you focused on a journey while accomplishing goals. And for the most part, it keeps the continued search to be a better human alive and well.

The New Year's Day reset in life isn't all about insisting on figuring out your goals. It's really about being your best self in the year ahead. Of course, truly finishing a New Year's Resolutions is an epic idea, but only a small percentage of people actually do. The opportunity of using a single word to present a vibe for the new year is more realistic. It offers accountability in a more realistic way. It's also avoids disappointment if you don't get everything done on a long list. In 365 days, you should be able to pull out a few examples of being stronger, happier or more self-aware than the previous years.

In 2020 there is no reason not to find your vibe. Heck, you could even borrow mine: Be Bold!

Jodi Jill

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