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5 Ways to Buy Discounted Gift Cards in 2020

Want to save cash with discounted gift cards? If you are looking to make the most out of your gift cards then you need to consider how you can use this plastic (not-so-funny) money to your advantage in 2020. The idea of getting a $20 gift card (or more) for less money isn’t impossible. In fact, you can consider combining deals like sales and coupons to maximize discounts to get gift cards for less.

5 Ways to Buy Discounted Gift Cards

The best part of discounted gift cards is the gift card value spends is the full amount. Most retailers don’t care how you get the cards. They let you use the gift cards in store or online without any hassle or obligations

One thing you might notice is sellers online and in stores that specialize in gift cards typically sell them for face value. Don’t let that scare you off. It’s the fastest way to get a gift card, but definitely not the way to get them for less. Plus, if you are looking for discounted gift cards you need to look in the right places and keep your finger on the pulse of gift card vendors.

Where to find Discounted Gift Cards.

1. Online Gift Card Vendors

The web will be your biggest friend. Just watch the online gift card vendors. Sellers that specialize in gift cards won’t be selling them at face value all the time. They have different sales for gift cards, especially around holidays. Typically you will find the quantities are limited and the deals sell out fast, so sign up for those emails and keep a watchful eye. Groupon, as annoying as they can be with repeated emailing during one day, offer substantially discounted gift cards and typically those deals are only found in their emails.

2. Discounted Gift Card Sites

If you are willing to take an odd amount gift card (like $20.37 instead of $25 bucks) then you need to check out the different websites to sell discounted gift cards. People get gift cards and decide (for whatever reason) that they aren’t going to use them. They drop the prices of the cards with the hopes of making a little cash. Rarely do you find cards at full face value on the discounted gift card sites. Plus the more gift cards you buy, the bigger the discount.

Research Discount Gift Card Sites
Research Possible Discount Gift Card Sites

3. Local Gift Card Promotions

Gift card promotions are probably the biggest overlooked idea available to buy discounted gift cards. Local stores are looking to bring in customers. So to have 10% or 15% off a gift card isn’t far-fetched. Others will offer a bigger percentage if customers are buying something already in their stores. Keep an eye for sales that bring in the deals and even offer gift cards for less.

4. Warehouse Stores

If you have ever been to a Costco or Sam’s Club, you have seen racks of gift cards hanging around the front cash registers ready for purchase. None of these gift cards are at full price. Offering a small percentage off, you can purchase gift cards for less at these locations. At least purchase it less than face value. Smaller, more local warehouse stores also offer these same types of discounts too.

Be aware the selection is limited and sometimes the deals at the stores are different than the online deals. Check out both options to see what fits your needs best.

Discounted Gift Cards to Loyal Customers
Restaurants, Stores Offer Discounted Gift Cards to Loyal Customers

5. Gift Card Rewards Directly from Stores and Restaurants

Just this past week I got an email from a restaurant that offered me a $20 gift card if I bought 10 $10 cards in one purchase. I love this establishment, but I didn’t consider giving these cards as gifts until it was mentioned. In conclusion, I got a $20 card for myself and all year I have gifts for my closest friends, so it’s a really great deal.

Many establishments offer free gift cards directly to their consumers. From test driving vehicles to buying in bulk, you can find some of the best deals from companies directly. They love the idea of rewarding their customers who continue to buy from them. Customers love the enticements when they are to discounted gift card specials.

Sign up to the stores and restaurants that you love to patronize and see what offers are available. Also consider asking employees if any “unknown” or secret offers are currently available. Sometimes rewards are not advertised or only made to a special group of people, but employees know all the details on what is available including discounted gift cards. This is a great way to find deals.

BONUS: Try Your Hand at Exclusive Digital Discount Gift Cards

If you are comfortable with the digital realm, consider focusing solely on digital discount gift cards. This is a world of possibilities unto itself. People sell less than face value gift cards on sites like eBay, Craigslist and other online auctions, but because it is digital you have instant access to the funds upon payment. This does mean you need to be vigilant about who you buy from and make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. If you don’t mind being extra cautious this is a great way to get some amazing deals. If you want to keep track of the discounted gift cards on paper you can access them by printing out the cards on your printer.

In Conclusion: Discounted Gift Cards are Easier to Find Than You Might Think

You don’t need to be a hardcore shopper to find the best discounted gift cards. Just keep an eye on the products and services you use and watch what might be available. Since gift cards spend the same as cash, it’s like getting a little benefit. You actually get a few extra bucks by searching for deals where you pay less to get the same. It’s really a shoppers win-win!


Jodi Jill

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