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Candy Corn Flavors: 2020 Halloween Fun

Candy Corn Flavors 2020

What Candy Corn Flavor?

What are the Candy Corn flavors of a single piece? This isn't a question for 2020, people have been searching for this answer for decades. Just yesterday I walked by Halloween candy and a pile of candy corn bags and once again asked myself why I can't say exactly the flavor.

When I eat a kernel of candy corn, I like to eat the piece in colors. First is the yellow, then the white and it's followed by the orange. For as long as I can remember, I always thought this was the best way to eat this candy to get the best flavor. It seemed like a natural progression. Who wants to eat a piece of candy to get a mix of flavors? I've gotten wise over time and realized there is no individual flavor for candy corn flavor. Yep, it's just one taste.

Candy Corn Flavor is Sweet

Candy corn flavor is basically sweet. It's a marshmallow and sugar taste that consumes the tongue but doesn't offer up a real distinct flavor. I've thought at one point it might have some honey. Another time I thought I tasted a wee-bit of cotton candy, but overall, I don't know if that's included. There definitely is nothing on the package about the flavor to expect. It's a free for all when you pop it in your mouth and it's mostly sweet.

What I've come to learn about candy corn flavor is that you are so excited to see this piece of candy connected perfectly by the color scheme, that you tend to forget the idea of the taste. It's so unique to see three colors, connected so seamlessly in one small piece of candy. And not only does it happen once, you can enjoy it again and again by the handfuls!

If the traditional candy corn flavor question isn't enough, there are new, interesting colors of candy corn to consider. Brachs has decided on candy corn flavor that includes pieces from a Thanksgiving Dinner complete with the turkey. Another interesting, but also weird type of candy corn is the blackberry cobbler flavor. While shaped like candy corn the colors are brown, purple and white.

It's safe to say that Candy Corn tastes like sugar. Well, mostly sugar. There probably are hints of other flavors, but what exactly that is, I still don't know. There seems more like a Halloween tradition to buy candy corn than a concern about flavor. Which is fine. As long as you are cool with that idea.


Jodi Jill

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