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Celebrating National Puzzle Day: January 29

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The celebration of National Puzzle Day is almost here! Every year on January 29th people from around the world come together to share their joy of puzzles. Honestly, when I first founded National Puzzle Day over 20 years ago I was super excited about sharing my love of puzzles with people. Today, years later, this enthusiasm has grown into a huge celebration.

Celebrate Puzzle Day in January

Jodi Jill Founder of National Puzzle Day
Jodi Jill Founder of National Puzzle Day

If you take a look at our world, there are puzzles everywhere. And humans of all ages playing puzzles too. Being a leader in spotlighting these unique puzzles in a way that's fun without boundaries is quite amazing. Plus it's been so much fun.

Taking a peek at how many people join in the festivities over the years it's been humbling. Last year we had millions of people join with the expectation that the numbers will continue to grown this year too.

National Puzzle Day Student Letters

Earlier this week I received an amazing note from a student in fifth grade sharing why he loves puzzles every day. It's one of a number of letters I received from classes at a school who were sharing what puzzles they love and why. Playing with his grandma after school, he says it's the highlight of his day as they sit down over a table of jigsaw pieces with a glass of milk and fit together the pieces.

This letter is one of the thousands I received from people who have found puzzles as a place of excitement in their world. It's so similar to my excitement about puzzles in my world. This is truly humbling.

Puzzles are for All: Especially on Puzzle Day!

What I also find so heartwarming is how people can solve puzzles and share their love with others. It doesn't matter if you are 9 or 90, the puzzle you choose to play and ultimately solve is part of the bigger picture....the puzzle picture. Puzzles for all. Yes, it's really a motto I believe in when it comes to this amazing celebration.

As we all come together this year, I can't help but be honored at how others have decided to celebrate in their own way. Three years ago I was hit by a car while walking at a street corner and this idea of celebrating puzzles almost all came to an end. And I almost did too. It's taken a lot of effort, time and focus to learn to walk again. All the while the world kept on puzzling. Kept on celebrating. Kept on believing in the best of every puzzle. And this year I am at full strength to share Puzzle Day once again.

This year we have some amazing opportunities for puzzle lovers when it comes to National Puzzle Day. I'm not just celebrating one day either. I've been out talking puzzles all month. There are free puzzle activities, and fun puzzle facts. I've been sharing videos and information about different puzzles all over the social too.

I say thank you to everyone for making the day I founded so many years ago so special. Puzzles are exciting and rewarding to me. My passion for puzzles is still so strong. This year on January 29, open your windows and put your ears to the air as I will be screaming with joy as I declare it once again the best day in the whole year!


And I'll be waiting for everyone else to be yelling over what fun puzzles they are playing too. Or if you're giving your voice a rest, use #puzzleday on social so I can share and like your fun too!


Jodi Jill

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