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Cell Phone Necklace: Perfect Homemade Gift

Want a Cell Phone Necklace? The 2019 Christmas gift trend might not be what you are thinking about in September, but in Hollywood there is an interested look at what is making an impression on celebrities. While we've seen it before, it appears the cell phone necklace is becoming a hot item.

Cell phone necklace: A 2019 Christmas gift trend?

Going to audience TV tapings around Hollywood, one accessory gracing the stage is this purse-like look that technically isn't a purse. Yes, I am talking a cell phone necklace. There are two very obvious types. The ones made overseas in mass quantities and then the homemade ones. Both offer a practical purpose of use, but frankly the homemade cell phone necklace might just be a wee-bit better.

So what technically is a cell phone necklace? For simplified purposes, it is a tough case you slip your phone in with a strap that goes around your neck to free up your hands without setting down your phone. Perhaps that is why the word purse is the first thing that comes to mind when seeing this type of necklace for the first time.

The price range of this item will make you want to cringe as those straps with the cases cost a pretty penny. In fact, you probably will be shelling out close to $20 for a new mass produced necklace. The homemade ones? Well those are less expensive and a little bit more likely to fit your fashionable tastes. From sparkling to iconic, there are a number of different styles to choose so that the cell phone necklace looks more like a wardrobe accessory and less like a mandatory item needed because everyone is attached to their phones.

Don't tell anyone, but you can practically can make a cell phone necklace too. I've been scouting out how this can be done and it's possible to use your current cell phone case and picking up a strap at the local craft store. Many cases have ways to attach the straps and then all you need to do is throw it around your neck.

If you find you need your hands, a cell phone necklace will help

With all the forthcoming TV episodes I've seen that have cell phone necklaces as part of the visual aspects of characters, I wouldn't be surprised at all if this became a 2019 Christmas gift trend. It's been introduced to the world before, but I don't necessarily think it's been visually endorsed by Hollywood in this way. Plus, almost everyone would look good in this type of item. Guys, gals, young and old. It's a simple item with extreme potential. Plus, it frees up your hands when you are doing things that require all ten fingers!!

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Dec 23, 2020

Yeah it's a perfect gift for everyone, but I don't have any experience to make it at home, but luckily I saw a similar necklace not the same on now after reading your post I am thinking to buy it from there.


Jodi Jill

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