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Cheat Meal: 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson does it right

Dieting means having cravings. Usually it includes that one day where you offer yourself a cheat meal. It could be labeled the best day of the week. You can eat whatever you'd like and be thankful to forget that dieting sucks for a while. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be the poster child of perfect cheat meal when on a diet. Frankly, he's showing us all how it's all done right....And he doesn't mind encouraging others in the moment.

The Rock offers up Diet Cheat meal ideas

Let's be honest. No matter what The Rock does, it's epic. Frankly, this is a step further. He's always encouraging people to be their best by making the best choices. Especially when it comes to health issues. Workout routines, keeping up the energy and even giving yourself a break is exactly what people hear from this superstar. He never preaches. He only encourages people to be their best. And to find out how to do that, people have been swarming to his social media feeds to see what he's been eating lately...lots of sushi for his cheat meal!

That encouragement is why people are excited to see how The Rock offers up his cheat meal. Suffice to say it's not anything you might find elsewhere. From the over-the-top sushi to the amazing pie options, that one night of the week looks like it is fit for a king. And he doesn't share (or so he says.)

The Rock doesn't mess around when it comes to his cheat meal. It's the same principle that he uses when he exercises, works on a movie or any other thing he shares with the public. Go hard or go home. Which is exactly what we, as fans, would expect from this celebrity as his life has always been about creating an example for others to follow. If we could only be as focused on this dude, we'd be loving some amazing cheat meals too.


Jodi Jill

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