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Dogs Watch Movies? Dog-friendly movie theaters Mix Film, Fido

One of the coolest 2019 trends has to be the idea of dog-friendly movie theaters in America. It only seems right too. You are going to watch a brand new flick and you want your four-legged pal right next to you. Why aren’t dogs allowed to watch films too?

Dog-Friendly Movie Theaters are Great for Owners
Dog-Friendly Movie Theaters are Barking Cool

Dog-Friendly Movie Theaters are Epic

Dog-friendly movie theaters aren’t a new thing. In fact there have been theaters around the United States that offer this amazing service on special nights or occasions. What is different, and catching the eyes of Hollywood, is that it’s become far more accepting to bring your dog to see a film.

Dogs watch movies at home with humans. Well, technically they might be snoozing, but it’s the companionship that truly is why they belong at the movies. When you jump and need to be brought back to reality, the dog is sitting right there. When you drop a kernel of corn, the dog will quickly fix your mess. Most importantly, when you sit back and relax you won’t be distracted by an annoying human who has their cell phone out, checking messages in the dark as their ringer just went off. Honestly, there is no reason why there aren’t more Dog-friendly movie theaters.

Flicks Seen by Fido: Even the Pup Pays Admission

What is a little odd is that owners will be ponying up cash for Films seen by Fido. At the K9 theaters, it’s regularly $5 for the dog to be in the theater. I’d say watch the movie, but that’s not always what they do. They are probably laying there relaxing in the air conditioning.

Dog-friendly Movie Theaters: Do Dogs Watch R-Rated Films?

All the dog talk at the movies begs me to ask the question about R-Rated films. When are dogs too young to watch some of the more violent flicks on the big screen? Do they need to have the owners vouch for them? Or do they wait in the lobby peeking through the curtain in hopes to catch a glimpse of the forbidden film? Technically, it’s not been a big question at movie theaters around Texas as they allow dogs in with their owners.

I guess the idea of Dog-friendly movie theaters would be different depending on what part of the country you live in. Where I live, in Los Angeles, people could be questioning why dogs are watching the big screen. I bet anything dog owners would be asking about the long term concerns of a dog watching too much TV in a closed area without proper exercising. Sound silly? Perhaps, but somebody would start a study to determine if it was safe...I’m just saying.


Jodi Jill

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