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Fall and Halloween Fun: The Glass Pumpkin Craze

Have you pulled out your glass pumpkin yet?

It's almost Halloween again, and that means fall fun. With the crisp leaves falling, it's the perfect time of year to get spooky and carve some creepy pumpkins.

Oh and this glass pumpkin craze everyone is talking about….Yep it’s a thing!

Glass pumpkins stacked next to candle.

Couple years ago I bought a glass pumpkin because it was cute and less expensive than all the pumpkins I buy to carve. It’s probably cut down my pumpkin carving a little, but it’s definitely a decoration I can enjoy October to December without having a Halloween theme going. It’s more of a fall and autumn enjoyment!

What's the difference between a glass pumpkin and a regular pumpkin?

A glass pumpkin and a standard pumpkin are two very different things. A regular pumpkin is grown for taste and carving, while a glass pumpkin is made for aesthetics with no particular holiday to have it out for and there is no carving as it’s not a gourd. A glass pumpkin is actually made from a combination of manmade materials and frankly, no two glass pumpkins look identical. Which is definitely a great reason to pick one up.

Why does everyone love glass pumpkins?

While traditionally people have used real pumpkins for Halloween decorations, now people are using glass pumpkins more and more. Due to their aesthetics, they can be used in many different ways that a typical pumpkin cannot.

I love them as they can be used indoors and outside. They are far more durable and will not rot. Also, glass pumpkins last so much longer than a regular pumpkin. If you take good care of them, you could have them for years to come. You could use them as decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Or just fall too.

There are many ways to use glass pumpkins and they are very popular among people of all ages. Most of all, they are pretty practical and gorgeous!

Why Are There So Many Glass Pumpkins?

Real pumpkin prices have risen recently due to unusual weather conditions. At the store right now at the beginning of October it’s $10 for a medium size pumpkin. Due to the higher prices of real pumpkins, many people have opted to use glass pumpkins instead. While I might buy one real pumpkin, it’s a better idea to have glass pumpkins to enjoy as it’s a good financial decision.

I’m not the only one who agrees that glass pumpkins are the best idea. There is always a difficulty finding glass pumpkins towards the end of October.

Where can you buy a glass pumpkin?

If you want to buy a glass pumpkin, you should look for a store that sells glass pumpkins. Some stores, like Target, sell glass pumpkins. You can also go online and find websites or stores that sell glass pumpkins. I bought my first one at a discount store and several more at thrift stores. New, used or even discount, the glass pumpkins are perfect for decor!

OK, I must caution you that the world of glass pumpkins is big, unique and could be overwhelming. There are many different types of glass pumpkins on the market. You can find ones that are plain, decorative, and even ones with lights inside. You can even find glass pumpkins that have different designs on each side.

How to Care for Your Glass Pumpkin

You should clean your glass pumpkin every so often. Use warm water and mild soap to clean off any dust or debris. You can also use a soft cotton cloth to clean it, but make sure the glass pumpkin is dry before putting it away.

Be careful when cleaning your glass pumpkin. Don’t use very hot water or place it in water that is too cold as this could crack it. Also, avoid cleaning it with a scrubber or any abrasive materials as this could scratch the glass.

Final Words

Thanks to the unusual weather in recent years, the price of real pumpkins has risen and then add inflation, it’s just not financially practical to buy a bunch of fresh pumpkins. Yes, I do buy one to carve, but that’s far from the half dozen I used to have on my porch years ago.

Once you take a peek at the different designs of glass pumpkins, you might be hooked on this idea too! It’s all about stretching the buck as far as you can, enjoying the holiday as you wish and sharing the best of the season!


Jodi Jill

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