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Got Pickle Chips? Delicious Crispy cucumbers

Pickle chips is going to be the next big thing. Who says? I, the chick with lingering pickle breath....

Cucumbers becoming Pickle Chips? Oh yeah!
Pre-Pickle Chips: Aren't these cucumbers just adorable?

Yo man, you got any pickle chips? Yeah, I'm not too proud to admit I got a thing for pickles. Technically, it might be a it more than a thing... it could be an obsession. And when I eat mass amounts of pickles, my friends know they need to steer clear. I got issues.

No, if you are wondering I ain't preggers - nice try :) tho. It's all about when I was younger. We drank water from washed out dill pickle buckets. There was no running water in the storage unit so water was put in buckets with clip on tops. These five gallon pals my parental units reused for months. They bleached the buckets and used soap too, but it was always pickle tasting. The scientific fact that pickle juice gets embedded into plastic and releases a little over time can be confirmed in my childhood. These 5-gallon pals would sit with water for days and taste a lot like dill pickles when water was sipped on. So when things get stressful around the house as an adult, I tend to find a jar of pickles and just stare at it annoyed about the situation.

Pickle Chips - No mess plus lots of flavor

This whole pickle obsession has me very interested in the pickle chips that Vlasic is now suggesting they will make. Chips made from actual pickles. It's going to be the new thing, I tell you. If you've decided to move on from avocado toast and mini puffs are no longer appeasing, welcome to summer 2019. I don't want to brag, but this could be the biggest explosion since fried Twinkies.

Why pickle chips? Well, Why Not?

Keep in mind pickles have extreme flavor, but little to few calories. There will be no watery mess. Your clothes won't be marked up from lime green juice droplets. Add that it will actually taste like pickles (I'm looking right at you, Mr. Artificially Flavored Dill Potato Chips .) It's poised to really be a smash hit. If you could do sweet pickles and dill pickles, this would be epic. Toss on some cheese, a piece of thinly sliced ham, a dollop of mustard and offer three chips to a plate. What do you have? A $20 lunch in Los Angeles.

Kale Chips Move Over, Pickle Chips are Going to be Epic

Forgive me, but this is a no-brainer. I'll be the first pickle breath to line up and take a taste. Nobody is going to rave more about this idea than me. It's a sound opportunity for anyone who loves this messy food, but has to act dignified in every day life. Walking around with a dill pickle clenched in your hand as you bite down looks odd and invites unfavorable comments about certain things. *wink*

As for my personal pickle problem, it could be fixed with pickle chips in my purse for those emergency moments. Sometimes though, I wonder if I missed my life's calling as a pickle inspector. You know, the person who is employed and paid heavily to take a bite out of every 20 pickles on an assembly life for quality assurances. Nah, I probably would have issues as I can barely hold a job being that I am such a creative. Obviously, writing is my thing and these new pickle chips will fill that inspector's dream desire...Well, at least for now.


Jodi Jill

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