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How to be Happy: Is Happiness a sales pitch?

Wondering how to be happy? Perhaps we all are. It's one of those universal things that isn't tangible and it's not easy to grab if you are not having a great day. Unless you are a four-legged creature and can hardly wait to see your owner so you can head to the beach for a sunset walk, you might be struggling with finding happiness.

How to be happy: It is a sales pitch

Defining what is happy isn't always easy. It's a little less worry. It's a little more fun. It's hanging out with people you love. And doing what you'd like to do. Perhaps the ultimate way of how to be happy is a moment when the world smiles at you and you smile back. It's something that's as close to a mindset we can find and yet doesn't happen unless you search for it.

Cruising around Los Angeles lately I've noticed that this theme of how to be happy is being exploited everywhere. It's become a sales pitch that touches everything. From the biggest billboards offering smiling people suggesting sales of products to the smallest moments where people are flashing the peace sign to random cars on the street. Happy is definitely the new buzz word for the best of the best.

Happiness as always been a sales pitch in the world. Humans have become so busy with everyday life they seem to find the outcome of activities to be the basis of their happiness. That drink we sip, the bed we sleep on and the concert we watch all seems to have a sales pitch of happiness attached. Who knew our world today happiness would be so attached to the feelings we have about material items?

What's the difference today? Did we not learn how to be happy years before?

Well, maybe it's all about the perspective of being happy. Instead of just being happy and making good feelings happen ourselves, we expect a fix-it for the emotions we desire. Like a real out of the box situation to make happiness without too much of our effort...However, that's just not possible in the real world.

Advertising executives definitely have found a way to tap into the emotional world and suggest how to be happy. Their ideas are not going away any time soon. The idea has just upped the game even more with everyone trying to get our attention. This, that and the other will make us happy (well, not really) just try it! Reality is that if you haven't found happiness on the inside, it's likely you won't find it on the outside either.

The interesting thing about finding universal happiness, is people are always striving for it. Instead of being happy, we, as humans, wonder how to be happy. Or happier. Some people believe it's harder than it looks to be happy. Or that they need to buy something to be happy. However, it doesn't matter how hard one pitches happiness, it's all about how you feel on the inside.


Jodi Jill

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