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Pillow Fight Mayhem: Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship 2019

If you would have told me that pillow fighting is a real sport, I would have fainted. Actually, I might have just laughed in your face. It’s a crazy idea that might be too much for Americans to comprehend, but there is an event called a Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship 2019.

Let the feathers fly - Pillow fighting

The Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship might disappoint some folks who visualize a more private fight. Nobody is dressed like we see in Victoria’s Secret ads. In fact, most people don’t even look like they were any point of the competition. They came to bash people across the side of the face with a pillow and let the feathers fly, but fully clothed in the process.

Truth be Told, I’d be willing to Be a Professional Pillow Fighter

Seriously, how tough can it be to be a professional pillow fighter? I mean I did flunk out of professional Wii Bowlers School and I ran once I saw the biggest bull of my life after declaring I was a bull rider, but if I could fling a pillow at someone I’d hit them square in the jaw with this puffy sack of feathers and there'd be no apologies. I’ve got plenty of intensity built up over the last six months to really pound someone into submission. Just saying….

Japanese Pillow fighting focuses on fun

The pillow fighting is composed of teams that got after each other. Described as a combination of chess and dodge ball, the idea behind this crazy sport started in 2013 is to try to hit a particular target. Whomever nails it first (along with as many swipes to the faces as possible) wins. It’s pretty tame, if you think about it as a professional game.

What does a professional pillow fighter win?

The Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship has a prize. It’s important to point this out. Don’t want anyone thinking people are doing this just for the fun of it now. In fact, you might be surprised at the actual price: A mix of local produce. Yep, it appears you don’t get any cash from pounding someone with a pillow, but extreme satisfaction and the team gets a good selection of snacks.


Jodi Jill

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