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Law of Attraction Money Affirmations: Fact or Fiction?

The Law of Attraction with money affirmations might be seriously tested in 2020. Let me ask you, when is the last time you repeated an affirmation for a million bucks? Or $500,000? Would you consider money affirmations for your 2020 focus? The latest trend to gain traction is Law of Attraction money affirmations. People are looking to speak their truth to get more moolah.

Law of Attraction money affirmations

Money Affirmations, For Real?

Before getting all skeptical, let me share how I came across this interesting idea of money affirmations. Several friends I work occasionally showed up to a gig early and they were sharing some of their affirmations with others. Not the typical law of attraction affirmations, something quite more precise with green on the mind. They were discussing how they believe that the law of attraction works in all aspects of their lives. Starting with finding a mate or looking for their best jobs, then building out from there. Keeping this premise in mind, they started focusing on money affirmations as their next step.

Money Affirmations? Why Not?

One point my pals were quick to share is that don’t ask in a money affirmation for a million bucks. They aren’t looking for a Lamborghini any time soon. The lavish lifestyles fixings isn’t what this idea is about. They look for reasonable financial scenarios they would like to acquire and ask for more from there. The development of the money affirmations apparently are based on personal situations. Which makes it tough to offer guidelines on what is too much (or too little), or so I assume.

Like what Type of Money Affirmations?

One of the money affirmations shared was having enough money to cover rent at all times. Another was increasing an emergency fund on a monthly basis. Another shared she is open to new jobs with better pay to save more. They had a slew of money affirmations written up and were serious about the prospect of finding more cash by reciting the idea into the universe.

The idea of using the law of attraction for money affirmations could definitely bring an awareness when it comes to your perspective of life. In general, people do believe that you bring a focus to an area and it attracts. The whole idea makes one ask if it is realistic to focus on this element. Sometimes it does take money to be a better person. Other times it takes knowledge and power. So if we do look at money as an energy, perhaps the idea isn’t so odd to consider.

Let’s be honest in saying everyone wishes for more money at some point, but to say money affirmations daily seems to be a bit selfish as could be easily misinterpreted as a golden cow situation. I’m not saying that’s the case, but it is all about presentation. It’s hard to believe that creating more cash was what the law of attraction was the actual foundation for the idea. Then again, if it works for some that’s good, as nobody should be judging.

Jodi Jill

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