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List of 5 Daily Positive Steps to a Better Life

There is nothing better than a list of daily positive ideas providing happiness and self improvement. It’s really the first step to walking away from negative drama and a ho-hum life.

Negativity? Drama? Been there. Done that. Have plenty of scars.

Suffice to say, sometimes drama and the negative backlash shows up at my door, even after I’ve declared it unwelcome. Trying to invite itself in by whining about how bad things are at the moment, it's obvious I need to be strong. Be it a person, situation or crap on the TV, I have come up with ways to implement daily positive steps. I’ve stopped apologizing for being positive as I used to do that to people who found it “annoying.” Today, as well as every day, I’m positive. I’ve come to demand positive vibes from myself. I’ve made it part of my life by creating daily positive steps to complete.

How do You Implement Daily Positive Steps?

Yes, it's possible to be positive, even when the frowns are around you.

Reading the title you might think I am part of religion or intense metaphysical person. Nope. I am not. Respect to everyone who is. This idea of an adult needing daily positive steps comes from a personal recognition that my self improvement must happen to live without fear. My highly toxic childhood haunts me. It’s created issues and to live I’ve needed to embrace positive change. Frankly, my past is not who I am today. So I reinforce this positive outlook with positive steps. It’s taken time, but these positive steps done daily work.

Reality is some of my negative comes from what happen when I was a kid. As an adult, I desire to I control my own destiny and don't want to be around people like those individual traits of others I was forced to engage with years ago. This idea of destiny is true for everyone who walks the earth. Plus I, like everyone else, want to be happy. I also want to identify a dark cloud rolls by, so I can choose to walk away before it consumes everything in its path.

So what 5 Daily Positive Steps do I take to make the day, life and journey be flowing in a good vibes sort of way?

  • I start the day with something I enjoy. Music is good. There is a quote podcast I like. A good laugh from a joke. Or maybe hugging the pup to get some dog kisses. It’s my first way to be grateful for another day. I enjoy it and that initial thought, no matter how crazy the day gets, is what I draw from when things get occasionally weird.

  • I give thanks to having another day. If 2020, has taught humans one thing, it’s that life should not be taken for granted. No need to worry about things happening in the afternoon. That will happen later. I don't dwell on appointment next week, as it will be here soon enough. When you wake up, take a minute (or more) and just recognize you’re here and be ready to be the best you can. Not in a way that others expect. In the best way YOU expect.

  • I do something for others. Everyday, I always try to do something for others. A quick positive text. An email of kindness. A shout out to the street to say good morning. Picking up a piece of trash I didn’t drop on the dog walk. It’s defined as that one engagement that isn’t about me. This contribution is a positive reflection on how I want to be treated as a person living in my world. Nobody asks me to do it and it’s done anyway. You’d be surprised how a simple task can turn your attitude into positive reflection.

  • I watch my mouth. Yeah, I swear occasionally, but worse than swearing is speaking negative. When I catch myself being down on myself, situation and/or something else I stop and regroup. It’s important to recognize what you put out will come back to you. This is why I avoid posting negative reviews online, I won’t pile negative on people as others do and I will walk away from situations when I feel it’s toxic. When I do find myself in a negative pattern, and it’s inevitable as it happens, I back up and see what caused such a response. The slip often reveals a feeling that bubbled to the top and needs to be addressed.

  • I’ve learned to laugh at myself. Since we all make mistakes, I try to not hold it against me that I am not sharp all the time (only 98% of the time). Like when I called Rite Aid instead of CVS to find a product and they tell me I got the wrong drug store. Or when I forgot my wallet and was at check out before I realized it and there was a really long line behind me. We all have little things that could be considered negative moments, but if you laugh at them, they become teaching moments. I check for my wallet every time I leave the house now. Not every situation you can laugh at. Nor should you joke about big things. Yet, give yourself permission to chuckle at the small stuff. It dissipates any negativity that comes with the moment.

Life is short. Daily positive steps are ways you can benefit by being your best positive self. There is no way you can own your positive life without day-to-day reminders of how lucky you are to be alive. While we all have challenges, none of us are exempt from a rotten day. How we move forward is a gauge of how positive we decide to live. Choose wisely!


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Jodi Jill

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