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9 Ways to Earn Extra Cash in 2019

We could all stand to earn extra cash in 2019. I mean who turns away easy money? Especially when it could be used for your next (hopefully big) vacation? As you might notice, picking up small new jobs to earn extra cash isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s probably because of Artificial Intelligence. Or maybe it’s because so many people are competing to make a buck. Either way, there are plenty of great opportunities out there. All you need to do is start knocking on the right door and ask to get in.

Ways to Earn Extra Cash in 2019
Earn Extra Cash in 2019

As with any opportunity to earn extra cash, it all depends on your location, your desire and most importantly your determination. Bigger cities have easier opportunities waiting outside the door as more people means more ideas.

Hey now, don’t think the small town folks are out of luck, they are not. In fact, side hustles online are a great way to earn extra cash in 2019. Most people would prefer it actually. Doing a job well in your own home means no commuting and no added stress of other annoying people.

So what can you do to earn Extra cash in 2019? Here are 9 ways to get started:

Recycle THE Shirts

The graphic t-shirt business is booming and people love picking up shirts of their favorite artists and moments in time. The thing about the shirt business, is the threads don't need to be new. Used shirts have amazing value too. If you have any decent used clothes at all, there is a good chance you’ve got a few shirts that someone will pay for without you even breaking a sweat. The local used clothing store, eBay and even Poshmark are great places to sell for cash too!

Be the Delivery Person

If you like driving around and are willing to pick up a few groceries, then you might be interested in being a delivery person. From Instacart to Uber, there are dozens of companies who offer gigs to individuals looking for work driving around town. In fact, this niche is so wide you could focus on picking up school children and dropping them off at after school lessons or drive dogs around during the day for vet appointments. Delivering food and other items no matter how specialized is good money!

Sell Stuff for Free on Craigslist.

That ugly dresser in the corner of your room might be perfect for someone else. And you might find items in your neighborhood on the curb on trash day that others will buy. Be the middleman (or middlewoman) and start picking up those not-too-worn items and selling them on Craigslist. Mind you, it’s not trash until it gets to the dump. Of course Mother Earth will thank you to as not only are your putting coins in your pocket, you are saving the environment.

Sell Handmade Goods on Etsy

Explore your inner artist and see what items others might appreciate in their homes. From artwork to poems and everything in between, Etsy sellers go from people who have a talent to businesses that sell thousands of dollars every year. The sky's the limit and nobody can stop you from doing your own thing while picking up some change.

Take Online Surveys

Yes, online surveys actually pay. And it’s safe to say that many of the companies are legit with real payouts. This isn’t a get quick thing though. You need to be committed to answering surveys on a regular basis and build up your bank on the different sites. Once you get going though, expect to make a couple hundred bucks while sharing your opinions online.

Get Out and Help Others with TaskRabbit

Apps in 2019 help everyone earn money. TaskRabbit is one unique place where people are connected to make life easier. There are those folks who have tasks and others who need work. This simple concept can get you started on day-to-day pay as you pick up jobs. Plus the gigs you commit to can be comfortable to your skill set.

Earn Extra money being a dog walker

Walk that Dog!

Dog walking isn’t for the typical neighborhood teenager anymore. It’s become a big business with people interested in making money while helping animals. A great app to get started in your community is Rover. Offering services to clients around the country, dog walkers are connected with dog owners in a safe and effective environment. So not only can you get paid to watch Fido, you have a great excuse to enjoy your job walking in the park!

Rent Your Extra Space Nightly

If you have an extra room, an extra couch or maybe a garage you could consider renting it for a temporary situation. Nightly and weekly rentals make big money as out of town guests look for safe places to stay (but not call home.) The websites like Airbnb offer listings with millions of people checking out where to stay. Being folks won’t be staying for months at a time, it could be a tolerable situation where you could make cash while meeting new people.

Shop and Make Money all at the Same Time

You’ve probably seen those ads on eBates and how much money people save. Well, it does work (I’ve checked it out personally) and it’s not a bad idea if you are expecting to make purchases. This small percentage will definitely cover the taxes (sometimes more) and you walk away with exactly what you wanted.

Obviously there are many ways to earn extra cash in 2019! Especially if you are familiar with technology and willing to get out to hustle!


Jodi Jill

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