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Make Money Playing Video Games in 2019: Earn Extra Cash Fast

If you could earn extra cash in 2019 playing video games would you do it? That’s right, there is now a way you can make money playing video games and it’s as easy as grabbing the controller. The catch? Frankly, like any freelance position, you need to be persuasive in sharing you can be the best and find companies that pay video gamers to pay.

Make Money Playing Video Games
Make Money Playing Video Games

Frankly, at first I was skeptical. Playing video games is fun, but who would be willing to pay someone to play. I definitely wasn’t thinking about the process of putting video games together. Before these electronic games go on the market, people need to be playing video games to check out the features.

Earn Extra Cash Playing Video Games as your favorite character

Companies pay video gamers to play and better understand how the video game action is experienced by gamers. From commands to graphics and everything in-between, the developers need honest opinions from the people who will love playing it the most.

So how do you make money playing video games? You need to find the jobs and apply.

Sounds impossible right?

There are a few websites that gamers know to watch for upcoming releases and one had just announced they will be allowing people to connect to get paid for their skills. If you haven’t already heard, it’s called GameFlip. In a new beta project, the site is connecting people with skills to companies who need gamers. Based on passion, skill sets and other qualifications, the chance to earn extra money (while checking out a new game) is a real possibility. Add the craziness of being a professional game tester to your resume and it might be a new skill that most people would never dream of!

Companies Pay Video Gamers to Play so show off your skills

Remember when you sign up for any company that pays gamers to play video it’s important to show off your skills. They need people who are committed to playing games just like your job needs a warm body in the office doing tasks. Also, keep in mind there will be paperwork. You might be asked to write down programming bugs, journal any portions of the game you like (or don’t like), want to know what could be improved and timing sessions (when you play) will be important too.


Jodi Jill

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