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Moonberry Twinkies: Perfect with Milk?

Moonberry Twinkies? If you've not heard, you don't need to go all the way to the moon to get Moonberry Twinkies. In fact, you don't need to go any further than your local Walmart. After asking little man green men on the best way to share a moon moment, it appears Twinkies came up with any interesting concoction to make your tongue squeal with delight.

The Moonberry Twinkies definitely are fantasy cake competition.

Moonberry Twinkies: Technically not made from any Moonberries

Looking up Moonberry on Google, you will find there is no such fruit. There are honeyberry plants, blueberries and even boysenberries listed under the search of moonberry. Yet for this unique flavor, well, the folks at Twinkies appeared to have made it up. Apparently, since nobody else can get to the moon to see if this plant is up there, Twinkies have decided to have a little fun showcasing a flavor they made and offer some space fun.

So what does moonberry taste like? I had to try. Of course, it was for research purposes. To save all mankind the time to go to another dimension. I wanted to see what the taste was and how it's been grabbing the interest of America. I mean, who wouldn't want to know? Twinkies doesn't come out with an out-of-this world flavor very often (sorry about the spacey puns but they are all to easy today). So I took my blue moon rover to Walmart to make this moment happen and bought a box.

Unwrapping the individual treats I recognized this was the first time I have been nervous eating Twinkies. If I didn't like it, I'd have to spit it out. The color, more than anything, made me uncomfortable. I don't particularly like eating things that are dark in color, especially when you know it is processed to look a certain way and nothing like this looks like it came from out of the ground. I took a bite anyway. Who needs comfort when you are helping the world? I took a bite (with my eyes closed) to see what would happen.

The filling of this treat is what makes the taste so good. The sponge cake sort of tastes like what you would expect. Then the flavor from the inside grabs your taste buds and it doesn't let go. What I can tell you about the Moonberry Twinkies is that they are very sweet. Like you need a glass of milk with the Twinkies. As an FYI, these also taste great with hard seltzer. The combination would be a perfect moon arrival treat ever.


Jodi Jill

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