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National Puzzle Day 2021 is Coming

National Puzzle Day 2021 is coming! The excitement of January 29 is hard to believe as it's just around the corner. The best news is this isn't going to be any ordinary National Puzzle Day event! This year there will be MANY free puzzles with 29 different free puzzle book collections. This is the year to grab a pencil and play!

A jigsaw puzzle is being put together on a table. A person celebrating National Puzzle Day January 29
National Puzzle Day January 29

National Puzzle Day Fun

The existence of National Puzzle Day on January 29 is a story of mailbags and delightful requests of free puzzles from school age children. Happiness sometimes does start with a big dream and a puzzle or two...

When I founded National Puzzle Day it was to simply to encourage people to enjoy puzzles and take a minute to admire the people who create mind bending fun. This is what I loved and I wanted to share my passion with others! The puzzle idea started with my listing in Free Stuff for Kids many, many years ago. This simple little listing was in a book and then it was shared everywhere. Other books decided to publish the listing. Magazines did too. What happened next is amazing!

Dozens of Mail Buckets Requesting Free Puzzle Books

Hundreds of thousands of requests for free puzzles came to my mailbox from schoolchildren around the world. Then adults started asking for the free puzzles too. The first year I remember being a little disappointed. I mean, I ONLY got a few dozen requests. It only got more popular from there! The next year there were dozens of mail buckets full of puzzle requests. And it's been popular ever since! In fact when I had the listing in print, almost every day in January I had to go to the post office to pick up all the mail. It was a bit crazy, but very cool. The chance to share one thing I love with people around the world is a privilege. Really!

The Rubik's Cube is a mechanical puzzle and one of the most familiar puzzles in the world.

That's not to say there weren't difficult moments pursuing this big dream. There were! One year I was barely able to afford making copies of the puzzles for all the requests. After work I'd go to the copy store and buy enough copies with all the extra cash I had for the week. Then go home and stuff envelopes for hours before bed. Another time I had so many requests I worked out a trade with local businesses to use their copier machine. I ran out of the copies I made way before National Puzzle Day and I couldn't afford to buy more. Keep in mind, all the puzzles I give away are free - at the beginning of this event and even now.

Today, thanks to the web, I continue to share free puzzles while celebrating with the world. Everyone can participate and it's readily available to the universe (which is good if you want to play puzzles in Mars!) You can PLAY all the free online puzzle books on Puzzles to Play! Last year, more than 2 million people celebrated National Puzzle Day (#puzzleday, #nationalpuzzleday) and it was a social media trend. Plus, there is a free download printable puzzle book full of fun for teachers, educators, home school learners and even puzzle lovers to play! Go here to get it!

To me puzzles are a fantastic way to come together with friends and collectively look for solutions in good company. Or go solo and embrace the puzzles with some alone time. There is no definite puzzle you need to play. All puzzles and games challenge our minds, heart and sometimes souls. As someone who makes puzzles, I do love talking about the process and creative minds (yes, there are many people) who come up with fantastic ways to entertain the masses with puzzles.

National Puzzle Day is Coming!

This year on National Puzzle Day, like years in the past, I will be talking puzzles. I share my enthusiasm online, on TV, on radio and even posts on social media. Frankly, I will be chatting up puzzles and games until my voice can speak no more. The dream I had to once share my favorite thing with the world comes true once again in 2021. I couldn't be more excited than to share a free puzzle with you too!

So, just in case you couldn't tell. Please let me share how excited I am you are here about puzzles! I'm the founder of National Puzzle Day and I love puzzles too!

Check out MY Free National Puzzle Day & Puzzles to Play site too! Go Here for Free Puzzles to Play


Jodi Jill

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