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National Puzzle Day 2022: January 29 Mark it!

It's coming! National Puzzle Day returns in 2022 on January 29th. Mark it down on your calendars, let the neighbors know and get ready to party. It's going to be one epic celebration. Yeah, you already knew that already didn't you? Well the good news is we're getting ready...

In 2021, we had an amazing event. Hundreds of classes participated, thousands of libraries, schools, institutions and companies offers up greetings. Our metric indicate we had over 10 million checking out this holiday. Yep, it was a fun time by all. Puzzles were given away, people were sharing images of their favorite games, jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts were offering pics of their accomplishments and even escape rooms were getting involved.

Will National Puzzle Day 2022 Be Epic? Yes!

OMG! I can't spill the tea as the details are coming together, but I can tell you it will be epic. Things are in the works, other things are being planned and the celebration will include every puzzle known to human. Now, you might be wondering what brings all the puzzle people today? Well, their love of puzzles. Don't go grabbing your wallet as everything done by the official HQ (looking in my mirror right now) and the volunteers are working free too. We don't charge, we don't take money and we certainly don't allow anyone to try to exploit this social media national holiday either.

It's about coming together and sharing the joy in puzzles. Not to pitch someone a product. Which is why I am super excited about the upcoming year. We've got some great ideas lined up that will give you reason to engage with the day, play the puzzles and well, just have some fun. The world is sometimes way too serious! Let the fun of puzzles begin.

I love National Puzzle Day. As the official puzzle lady, I appreciate all the support and I can't tell you how excited I am this day is only SIX MONTHS AWAY! That's right six months before we are past the Christmas holiday season, grabbing a puzzle we love and celebrating puzzles together. Just how cool is that!

National Puzzle Day Logo: We're Getting One

Last year we didn't have a logo for NPD. In fact, I think we had a cheesy looking one about 10 years ago, but it was clip art. This upcoming celebration is different. We not only have one, we have a graphic artist pouring his ink to pen based on the design wanted.

It's excited to see it come together and no doubt, I will be excited to release it later this year. In fact, if it's completed earlier, I promise to share it before then!

One Fun Detail to Share About NPD 2022

There is one detail I will share about National Puzzle Day 2022 that is worth the notation...There will be more free puzzles than ever before. We've got plans to roll out enough different puzzles for students, adults and puzzle lovers that there is something for everyone.

Celebrating puzzles has always been my thing, but the upcoming year is going to be special. We got to thank the web for all the space we have to celebrate in 2022. I mean without all the space we couldn't be posting the free puzzles.

Happy (Almost) National Puzzle Day to all of you puzzle lovers out there! In just 6 months it will be the day to honor the puzzles like never before. And all I can say about that is H-O-O-R-A-Y!


Jodi Jill

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