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National Puzzle Day - January 29

I'm sure you're pretty busy, but I heard it's National Puzzle Day soon and we're pretty big on celebrating holidays puzzle holidays here. The annual party on January 29th is for everyone. Whether you love crossword puzzles, escape rooms, jigsaw puzzles, math games, word searches, mazes, and yes, even the latest puzzle craze Wordle! Every puzzle is celebrated!

Puzzle Day Fun

This is Puzzle Day business is about finding that one puzzle you love and enjoying it by playing the game, sharing it with others or just taking a moment to reflect on the greatness of puzzles overall. Yep, it's a fun day.

Founder of National Puzzle Day

Many people ask so what is with you and National Puzzle Day? I'm the founder of this national holiday and promote it every year. Nope, I don't have any wares to sell you at the moment, but my goal was to share the one thing I love with others. And that focus of being part of a positive view and an fun moment is still there today.

It's a fun, educational day to celebrate a not-so-controversial part of life. Since this is my special day (yes, it's my birthday) I decided it was a good day to share something I love with the world. That's why it's the 29th of January and not some random date picked from a hat.

A Dream of Puzzles!

The seed of this dream started when I offered a freebie (on paper) for kids to write in and receive. From there it adapted into a day. In all fairness, it was the Internet that blew this holiday into something bigger. I may not be sending out hundreds of letter with a complimentary puzzle now, but the free downloads for this day is extraordinary. My packet includes all the puzzles kids can be introduced to, facts, figures, ideas for celebrating and more. It's of course complimentary! The response in 2022 is more than the last five years combined. Which is ABSOLUTELY delightful!

While I don't expect any sympathy when I say it, I've never really had a birthday party, not even as a kid. The reason I decided to give to others rather than sitting around and waiting for this idea of a party to come, is that it's who I am. I believe if you want something in life, you need to work hard and go get it. I do know the biggest gift I've ever gotten on my birthday is the gratitude of seeing this holiday flourish. National Puzzle Day is bigger than I could have ever imagined. And this year, in 2022, it's taken on a life of its own.

What has me amazed is how people have flocked to the idea, but find ways that it fits into their lifestyle. Puzzle swaps. Classroom projects. Puzzle challenges. Puzzle Parties. Educational seminars. The list goes on and on. And the sales from the different vendors. Oh my the discounts are flying for the puzzle people!!!!

Coordinating a National Holiday

Of course, it takes a lot to coordinate a holiday (even if it's not a federal sanctioned event) and on January 29th, what time I put into promoting, talking to people, going over plans, etc. before the big day is seen in full focus. I've been in awe over the inspiration of folks who have utilized the materials available (for free of course) and are arranging puzzle parties, finding ways to show puzzles to kids and even having zoom jigsaw gatherings. It's all absolutely amazing!

Here at National Puzzle Day HQ, it's amazing to see how the event has grown. I've seen some amazing results from around the world too! From pictures of students in Nigeria who played puzzles on Puzzle day to a class in Iceland that offered a video showcasing each student's favorite puzzle and so many other wonderful moments in-between, I've see how puzzles bring us together. And I've also noticed just how engrained puzzles are in our cultures and communities.

In Conclusion

If you decide to participate in National Puzzle Day, let me be the first to thank you. It's delightful you've decided to be part of this wonderful celebration of puzzles.

This year the hashtags for National Puzzle Day are #Nationalpuzzleday, #Puzzleday and of course, you'll see plenty of fun on #puzzles too! If you haven't seen the excitement on social over the years, take a peek using the hashtags, it's always exciting. Last year the holiday was trending during the day and we had over 2 million mentions. Not so bad for a little dream started so long ago.

Happy National Puzzle Day!


Jodi Jill

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