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National Puzzle Day Jokes Line: Fun for Kids

National Puzzle Day is 3 weeks out and I've got a puzzle joke to tell you. Yep, January 29th is the day and there is plenty of fun stuff happening. My favorite? Well, that has to be the Puzzle Day Fun website where people are getting a load of free puzzles to play....And then there is the Puzzle Joke Line!

Kids are Laughing at the National Puzzle Day Joke Line
Kids are Laughing at the National Puzzle Day Jokes

Remember as kids we would find ourselves enamored with those corny knock-knock jokes. And those one line puns that we'd rattle off without any problems? Then the groans from the teachers, parents and even friends could be heard for miles...

Yes, those were good times. Thinking back, I remember a few times I smiled in delight hearing people respond to the jokes in utter annoyance. And as a kid, thinking I was making the audience respond and that was a good thing. It made me giggle.

Fast forward a couple decades when I started researching jokes for my the upcoming National Puzzle Day. I found myself giggling once again. Reading those mind numbing but kid loving jokes brought me back to the why I loved the idea of a joke line in the first place.

After all the research (and good vibes from looking over those groan jokes) I was ready to write a few jokes of my own for this joke line. And after dozens of drafts, plenty of trial and error phone calls sharing the laughs (or groans) with friends, I've found some great and delightful fun to share. Now we've got them lined up for everyone to call and hear as a National Puzzle Day activity as a freebie to hear a good laugh for young and old. If you haven't already, check out the fun on the joke page of to hear the latest

Having a joke line for kids is no laughing matter. Along with a good punch line for the kids, it's important to have a hook and deliver on the groan (for the adults of course.) Then there is the repeat angle to consider. A good joke makes you laugh and then you really desire to tell it to someone else. All the jokes on the puzzle joke line have that desirability level.

When it comes to celebrating National Puzzle Day, it's not just about the jokes. It's about the fun we have discovering puzzles. You might be a solo player, a family who plays puzzles or a daily puzzle enthusiast, yet whatever your status, you love puzzles. Sharing that love of puzzles with the kids, by offering a joke line so they can be part of puzzles in a new way, well that makes it even more special!


Jodi Jill

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