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National Puzzle Day PSA: It's Puzzle Fun

The National Puzzle Day PSA is here. We have been dreaming of celebrating puzzles and with all the day quickly approaching, it's going to be full of puzzle fun. Of course, there is a celebration every year on January 29th, but this year is special. It's full of surprises, shocks and dare we suggest fun.

National Puzzle Day PSA Videos are Fun too

National Puzzle Day PSA
National Puzzle Day PSAScreenshot

That's why I'm super excited about the National Puzzle Day PSA campaign we've put together. Puzzles are universal which is why we can't wait to share our love of puzzles with the world. Of course you may not love the same puzzles we do, but that's cool. Puzzles are all one big happy family especially when it comes to solving the ones we enjoy.

As for the National Puzzle Day PSA campaign, let me share the premise of this fun reflection of puzzling for the masses. Imagine yourself as a puzzle enthusiast who loves puzzles and no matter where you go, it's pretty obvious that all you really know is puzzles. And that's why all you do is talk about puzzles in the realm of other life moments. Who knew that loving puzzles so much means you don't necessarily think about anything else?

Puzzle Day Plans are in Motion

As National Puzzle Day is a fun event catered to kids, adults and puzzle lovers, we plan to have some serious fun over the course of January. There is no reason you can't join in our fun too! Check out our Website for the freebies we have to offer. Or find a new puzzle to play for the puzzle holiday fun and post your way of celebrating online. There are so many groups already planning for their fun moments. You might find that your local library, school or even friends are thinking about some puzzle fun!

The hashtags we are following for National Puzzle Day include: #puzzleday and #nationalpuzzleday. Of course, we will be tweeting, posting and sharing many of the fun things we find this year. If you haven't noticed already, it's all about the puzzle fun and that definitely includes everyone!

Let's Celebrate Puzzles Together! Are You ready for National Puzzle Day?


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