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New Breakfast in Bed Guinness World Records Title is Hilarious

If you have to beg someone to bring you breakfast in bed, it might be worthy of looking away now. I mean this article is going to break your heart. Literally. Why? A new breakfast in bed world record has been set and EVERY one of them ate food while lounging around in their beds? How?

Breakfast in Bed Guinness World Records Title

Volunteers Ate to Make Breakfast in Bed World Record (Of Course)

The Guinness World Records title goes to Johannesburg, South Africa where volunteers came together to eat in bed all at the same time. Supplied with breakfast, including a drink, it took 574 individuals to break the previous title of 418 people all laying in bed eating at the same time.

In what looked like an oversize wholesale building, beds were placed in rows to get people ready for the big title crushing moment. Each individual had a plate of food with two items for consumption. Then, when the big moment came, the people were counted and the new breakfast in bed world record was announced.

Breakfast in Bed? What is Up With Guinness World Records?

Maybe I am a little jaded, but this whole breakfast in bed world record seems sort of silly. Maybe even borderline ridiculous. Yes, it’s cool organizers came together to make a fun time for the volunteers. Even more respect goes out to everyone who helped moved those beds, after the stunt was completed, and got them to local hospitals and institutions where they were desperately needed. Props to them all. Yet, breakfast in bed title? Yeah, it’s just that this seems to be more of an opportunity than record. What happened to how many bees a man can put on his face to make a beard? Or the record title for the longest jump across a canyon?

I’ve always thought Guinness World Records titles (or any record for that matter) was awarded in the realm that it had to be something that few others can do. Or would even want to try to do as it could be a high honor of accomplishing. Hey at this point I have mega props to the folks who got breakfast in bed and helped with the new world record. Knowing me, I'd probably miss the alarm and sleep in.

Jodi Jill

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