• Jodi Jill

Plant a Flower Day: Social Media Fun in Dirt

National Plant a Flower Day: Celebrate Getting Your Hands Dirty

It might be a little bit odd. Or just plain weird, but with all the serious news going on right now, it could be nice to get your hands dirty...in the dirt. On National Plant a Flower Day people from around the world are going to celebrate flower day and maybe even plant a few flowers.

Plant a Flower Day

Technically, it's a great time to plant a flower day. I mean, it's almost Spring and the weather is starting to clear up. Plus, there is nothing more intriguing than focusing a moment on something other than the big world (which appears to be full of problems).

Go Digital for a Fun Way to Celebrate Plant a Flower Day

You technically don't have to put your hands in dirt to get involved in plant a flower day. Instead you could do it online. There are several different places you can digitally plant a flower and see it blossom into something wonderful. Primary Games offers over a dozen different games to play on your computer and cell phone to enjoy a blossoming experience.

Jodi Jill