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SoulCycle Radio: New SiriusXM epic music channel

Tuned into SoulCycle Radio yet? The new SiriusXM music channel just might be your new guilty pleasure. This new station has upbeat tunes for anyone who wants to hear something to get your heart pumping and making you feel alive. The introduction of the full-time channel happened in the middle of September and you don't need to be in a gym to appreciate it.

SoulCycle Radio is a New SiriusXM music channel

SoulCycle Radio Music Channel: It Gets You Motivated

Believe it or not, I don't have a membership to SoulCycle and I'm not sure where the nearest location even is, but that doesn't matter as the channel is great for anyone's ears. It's high energy and the tunes are uplifting. It's no wonder why this element is so important in a workout setting and why people who do belong are motivated to exercise.

So what tunes should you be expecting? Yes, you might hear some typical workout jams during your time listening, but then jams like LL Cool J's single Momma Said Knock You Out starts playing. The selection makes you feel invigorated to the point where you could probably conquer the world (or any gym activity for that matter.) It's an amazing mix of tunes that move your mind and body in a positive direction.

If you haven't heard already, Los Angeles traffic sucks. That's why commuters search for programming. We all need to justify being in the car for so long. Perhaps that's why SoulCycle Radio is a great choice when the traffic is close to a standstill. Yes, you might rather be exercising instead of being stuck in the middle of a concert jungle, but you won't be feeling dreary as you know you will get to your destination at some point. And if you're going to an important meeting, SoulCycle radio music channel is perfect to motivate you to keep a positive glow for a perfect performance.

With all the music channels currently available from different companies, SiriusXM has always been leading the pack with new partnerships. The SoulCycle Radio music channel is another reason subscribers are excited to have access to some amazing content.


Jodi Jill

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