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The Zone: The Britney Spears Experience Comes to Los Angeles

If you are wondering what that big pinkish building next to Whole Foods, across from the Grove is, you aren't alone. Yesterday, on my way to Television City, I had to stop for lunch and took a minute to admire The Zone: The Britney Spears Experience....of course from the outside. The location isn't open quite yet.

The Britney Spears Experience: It's Going to be Fun!

Los Angeles is home of The Zone: Britney Spears Experience

In just a few minutes, as I watched devouring my salad, I saw quite a crowd come and go from this location. Frankly, I think it might be possible to see The Zone: The Britney Spears Experience from an airplane as the color of the building is so bright, but driving by has everyone stopping and staring. It's one of those pop up experiences that have fans of this super star sneaking by to check out before it opens on January 31. In just a few moments, I saw a dozen or more folks whip to the front and take a selfie. Peering in, they saw absolutely nothing, but not for the lack of trying! The windows are all covered to give the experience some secrecy.

As you might expect, pop-up entertainment is the rage in Los Angeles. People come from near and far to experience attractions only found in the city. There have been locations in the past offering this type of one-of-a-kind entertainment and it's always busy. Being this is Britney Spears, expect this to be bigger and better than what has been part of the area before.

Some folks might be wondering just how big this The Zone: The Britney Spears Experience could be. Let me tell you the location offers the opportunity for an epic entertainment experience. Previously it was a K-Mart and the scrawling area not only has a great location, it has a massive basement and back area where they once brought in trucks of goods, beyond the primary store it once was. The snippet of opportunities in the experience already listed on their website might also offer up a clue on how big this opportunity might be. With different interactive rooms, there will be a number of chances to embrace the images of Britney's music and music videos. Sounds like there might be a place to have a selfie with the singer too (even if it's just a wax character.)

Transportation: Parking Will be Tight

The only problem with The Zone: The Britney Spears Experience is going to be the parking. Well, it's Los Angeles, so parking is always an issue, but this corner of the mid-city is particularly crazy. Add the new experience and people are bracing for what might be insanity upon arrival. There is no need to worry past parking. Once you get to the building you will know it.

This pop-up location greets you for an experience like no other. Stepping through the doors you will be transferred into a whole new world worthy of the fans only known to Britney Spears. No doubt there will be some great moments to relive from music videos, other excited Britney fans and plenty to explore. Just the idea is exciting and I, for one, can hardly wait!


Jodi Jill

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