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Tyler Perry's BET Awards Speech: Inspiration to Own Your Dreams

Tyler Perry's BET Awards Speech 2019 knocked the socks off of anyone looking to be inspired. The best part of any award show is the acceptance speeches. You hear antidotes of the celebrities who reflect on their past, thank you's are given to people you don't even know and sometimes even the family shout outs bring tears to your eyes.

Tyle Perry's BET Awards speech

Tyler Perry's BET Awards Speech: Own Your Dreams

If you weren't interested in the entire show, that's cool, but you have to check out Tyler Perry's intriguing and inspiring acceptance speech. This man has been steadily working in the entertainment scene for a while. He's always run his own race and in the process created his own amazing style for TV, movies and other venues. There is no comparison to his life and it's obvious he feels the need to inspire others on his journey. It's not just his life, but the best of life and it's sometimes amazing to see how this translates as more traditional business and life moves on.

How Can We Dream Daily and Own Our Way?

So what I found so inspiring about Tyler Perry's BET Awards Speech wasn't him thanking people (which is expected), but how we need to own our dreams. Anyone who wants to be like Tyler Perry, knows how hard he works. The drive, passion and focus he puts into projects is extraordinary. Add his success and people take notice. He also owns his projects, dreams and decisions. All of the good, the bad and the ugly - it's his and every fan knows it. He is steadfast and strong in his beliefs which is why so many people love his work.

Great Entrepreneurs Own Their Way

The cool thing about being a creative or an entrepreneur is you can do it and own your way. It's definitely not easy. There will be hardships along the way too. but the idea of the project and how it morphs into something bigger than yourself should never be forgotten. Remembering that your way impacts others from the moment you set out on your journey to the final results. And every point in-between is important. Sometimes we forget there is more than just us and our dream involved. There is a bigger community too. Which is why we need to own it, believe it in and make it our business.

Tyler Perry: Current Day Inspiration

If you were ever looking for current day inspiration, you should consider checking out some of Tyler Perry's other talks on YouTube. You might be surprised to hear messages that typically people might not think about coming from this successful creative individual.

Personally, I've been following Tyler Perry's inspiration for the past few years. I always find videos of his talks (when available) and I keep an eye on his messages. It's the type of creative and inspiring environment I'd love to work in as it offers a drive and compassionate focus that you have to daily nurture.

Perhaps someday I will meet the man himself and tell him how inspired I am by him. And then ever so gently ask if he has any openings at his studio. After all, it would be lovely being around inspiring people who want to make a difference daily. That's exactly what I would love to be doing too. I've always dreamed at working for a studio even if that means being the woman who runs for coffee...LOL


Jodi Jill

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