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Virtual Assistant Hiring: Make Money Contact Tracing

Virtual Assistants (also known as VA's) are gaining ground in the current job markets. The only other major stay at home positions rapidly expanding is contract tracing.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Keep Growing

Virtual Assistant hiring

Virtual Assistant jobs are very fluid positions. The opportunity to work for professionals while staying at home has always been popular, but the influx of individuals looking for new work in this field has increased dramatically as people search for new positions. . It's obvious that there is many looking for how to get hired as a virtual assistant as dozens of new how virtual assistants to make money courses popping up online.

Whether you decide to take a course to become a virtual assistant or focus on virtual assistant hiring immediately, depends on your personal situation. A baseline of abilities for virtual assistants include research, writing and communication skills. And for the most part, looking for work requires tenacity as you search the online communities and compete.

Virtual Assistant for Hire? Contact Tracer Jobs

If you are a virtual assistant, or just starting out, consider the trending, new focus of contact tracer jobs. Positions are offered around the world. In fact, contact tracing programs are hiring at an intense pace. From the local health departments to large corporations, the need for individuals to help watch the communities as they track contagious illnesses has increased.

The job skills needed for a contact tracer position has all of the aspects needed for a virtual assistant. Most people are not aware that you don't need to be in the healthcare industry to have a job contact tracing. Additionally, the job is primarily done at home and all aspects of the job are outlined, including the telephone scripts to talk with people. It's a highly sensitive job that helps individuals in a very urgent time.

The job market for contact tracer jobs is open and positions are available. New York hired 3,000 contact tracers to find individuals with contagious illnesses. Virtual assistants currently looking for work should consider how they can be a part of one of the biggest job market openings to date!

It's amazing to see two parallel job markets opening so quickly, but what is even more amazing is that most virtual assistants aren't aware they could be contact tracers. The jobs actually are fairly similar, but because of the health aspect, most VA's don't check out the possibilities. In the book Contact Tracer Jobs Guide: How to Get Hired Quickly in 2020, I outline who is looking for contact tracers and share why everyone who is looking for work (and has research, communications skills and/or reading skills) should consider this job opportunity.

As you probably see looking at the newspapers, there are still many hot spots for contagious illnesses right now. A contact tracer isn't just a job, it's an opportunity to help others while safely working at your home.


Jodi Jill

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