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Hard Seltzer Fever: White Claw, Bon & Viv's is 2019 trend in LA market

Hold on if you have a can of White Claw Hard Seltzer. And if you have a can of Bon & Viv's, you might want to hide it until everyone you know leaves. The summer 2019 trend of Los Angeles seems to be strong and something you pour. If you've seen the hard seltzer being advertised on the TV, it's about as close as you have it, unless you find one at a local bar. The spiked seltzer trend isn't just a little hard seltzer fever, this trendy drink is hard to find.

Hard Seltzer like What Claw hard seltzer and Bon Bib's Spiked Seltzer

As far as 2019 trends go, there still hasn't been a declaration of what the 2019 song of the summer is yet. Some say it's Katy Perry's latest hit. Others suggest it's the new single from Taylor Swift. The verdict is still out. What is sure is what you will be drinking when you listen to these tunes. It's highly likely it's going to be something light and bubbly with a premium price (unless you found a hard seltzer truck and are first to the store). Yep it's going to be hard seltzer.

It's a trendy drink with plenty of people expressing their love for the flavor. Tasting like seltzer water with a bit of a kick, the flavors are definitely impressive. From orange to grapefruit, the best part is there is fewer calories than other drinks while offering a little relaxation after consumption. The buzz about this drink isn't just from the liquid, but also the trendy look when holding a can in your hand. It's hot out and holding this can makes everyone look hot and sexy too.

The most annoying thing you might find from the White Claw Hard Seltzer trend is where you find the cans after the beverage is consumed. It appears that there are a few folks who have missed the recycled bins and end up tossing the cans on the ground around the ocean and rivers. Mostly thin cans, the heap of trash does pile up quite quickly and after a long weekend the cans are easily identifiable. Oddly, this summer trend would be far more appreciated if we could enjoy the great outdoors without all the shiny object littering the beaches.

Jodi Jill

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