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Exercise Class Word Search

Hands up! Jumping Jacks! Dancing to the Music. Welcome to the Exercise Class word search where you could help your pencil lose weight by circling the correct words in the puzzle

Exercise Class Word Search

The word list for Exercise Class word search puzzle includes: BALANCE, BOUNCE, BREATHE, DANCE, EXERCISE, FEET, FLEX, LEG, LUNGE, MOVE, MUSIC, PEOPLE, SHAKE, SNAP, SWEAT, TOES


The Exercise Class word search difficulty: Easy to Moderate

The Exercise Class word puzzle might encourage you to get back to the gym. Or at least give your pencil a big workout (and you some fun.) This printable word search might even have you moving!

The coolest thing about attending an exercise class is you can work out with people who want to move too! Plus, sometimes the instructors have some great music playing in the background making it easier to move while you groove!

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