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Fresh Bread word search

The fresh bread word search almost makes us wish were we looking inside a bakery with our faces smashed up against the window pain. Delightful baked treats, fresh from the oven, just waiting for us to taste! What could be better!

Fresh Bread word search

The word list of fresh bread word search puzzle includes: BAKE, BISCUITS, BROWN, BUTTER, CRUMBS, GOLDEN, KNEAD, MILLED, OVEN, PAN, ROLL, SMELL, STARCH, SUGAR, WHEAT


The Fresh Bread word search difficulty: Easy to Moderate

The fresh bread word search offers a look at one of the most sought after staples in the world: bread. The printable PDF puzzle is a fun look at the loaves from the oven.

The best part of bread is when it comes right out of the over. The steam, rolling off the top of the luscious texture is perfect for butter, honey or just pain. With so many types of bread, there is a variety for everyone to enjoy.

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