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Quibi free trial: Viewers sign up for new way to watch TV

If you haven’t heard, the new way of watching TV is upon us. The Quibi free trial has viewers from around the world itching to download the new television (or livestream) entertainment and most of us can hardly wait. While it’s still unknown how this will impact the world, Quibi is simply a marvelous opportunity that most viewers will engage upon.

From the onset, Quibi has promised viewers something new. Impacting entertainment in a whole new way, it appears that the only thing missing is, well, commercials (you hear me network TV?) and fans couldn’t be more excited to learn more.

What is Quibi? Simply put, it’s a new way to watch television on your phone with only 10-minutes to spare. It’s a revolutionary idea – not only does the service have celebrity shows, they are offering state of the art technology to deeply engross the viewer into the story. Putting the emphasis on short form videos and this service is catering to mobile users who desire big entertainment moments in small bites.

After signing up for the Quibi free trial, make sure you check out the lineup of stars. This is going to be a fun way to kill some time. According to the company’s official website there will be over 50 shows to watch with regular updates offering new content.

Quibi free trail Mobile Phone User

Is there Quibi promo codes for a free trial? A Quibi free trial was offered to all who signed up before the app was released. Will there be Quibi promo codes? It’s highly likely as viewers need enticements to get involved, especially with such a new concept. A few special promo codes for individual shows are popping up online, but viewers should expect more. T-Mobile is suggesting they will be offering some of the shows to customers too.

There has been a lot of talk about some of the shows on Quibi, but the majority of shows are yet to be discovered by the public. And it appears there many be more new shows to follow depending on the interest shown with the initial response of the shows anything is possible.

If there is one show you really need to sign up for the Quibi free trial for, it’s Chrissy's Court. This fun superstar is about to bring down the gavel as she shares the best of her responses to situations in a courtroom setting. Obviously not everything goes as planned. However, that’s the fun part as sometimes the rule of law is just, well, full of way too many rules!

In conclusion, there is no reason not to check out the Quibi free trial to see what all the fuss is about. And if you are wondering about that name Quibi – it’s a mashup of the two words "quick bites." Playing off the idea that the videos are bite-size morsels, it’s the viewers who decide if it’s going to be entertainment food for the soul.

Jodi Jill

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