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The SpaceX Crew Dragon launch is in May 2020. The first manned space capsule from SpaceX has fans of the space program really excited. The launch from Florida is the first step towards a new USA space program.

The SpaceX crossword is a fun look at this upcoming program and all the opportunities offered for the future. The USA space program hasn't launched a manned spacecraft in years so people are excited about the future!

Click the button to get your complete download. The free puzzle is a printable PDF. The entire 10 sheet printable ebook is filled with amazing games and educational aspects about Crew Dragon's manned flight can be downloaded easy too! Put your email in the blue box below for immediate access and all the creators of this site are not associated in any manner whatsoever with  SpaceX, NASA, its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates. Our purpose is to present completely independent editorials, educational information, and puzzles for youngsters, adults and fans of space, historic events and other products from SpaceX and similar companies.

We will be cheering them on for, what we hope, will be the first of many manned flights into space.

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