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Jodi Jill Speaker

"There is no way to change the world, unless you are willing to give some of yourself..."

Inspire Your Audience to:

Jodi’s unique ability to incorporate humor with a focus on life in her talks is an empowering message of hope and determination. Considering herself as a “decent chick” her talks offer a look at her life which some might conclude isn’t too normal. Raised in a storage unit in Colorado, she was locked up as a child and released well beyond her teen years. She ended up learning to read at an older age. Avoiding lawlessness, her goals in life have brought her to a place where she finds humor in lessons of everyday occurrences and her career has reached new heights. 

Jodi is familiar with setbacks too. Locked in a storage shed as a child and not being able to read until later in life, her difficulty to survive was extraordinary. Yet, words made her thrive. Jodi’s life story is a reminder of how all of our lives are interconnected and how our decisions impact the world around us. Attendees who hear her keynote presentation walk away with a fresh perspective on everything they have to be grateful for, with a desire to overcome personal and professional challenges. This keynote is all about finding personal opportunities and how to be empowered to follow your purpose. 

This engaging talk offers up insight and opportunities to find choices. Based on Jodi’s personal experience and sharing her life story, she engages and interacts with audiences to show how to use adversity in life as fuel to push past limited thinking, go beyond your average circumstances and create strategies.  Her goal is to share an empowering message of hope and determination with attendees that fill their hearts and minds long after the conclusion of your event. You can reach Jodi on her Contact page.

Make Life Happen: Find Choices to Excel

  • Define your dreams and go for it

  • Believe in your journey, even when others chatter loudly

  • Face adversity with heart, strength, and courage

  • Maintain a sense of humor in stressful parts of your life

  • Plan for the future with a vision of what could be possible in your life

  • How to keep going and NEVER Give up!

Jodi Jill. Professional Speaker. Word Lover. Author. All Around Decent Chick.

Jodi Jill

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