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2020 Blog Niches: 17 Ideas to Start your Blog Today

Are you looking for 2020 Blog Niche ideas? With the current turn of international events, there is no doubt people are going to be searching the internet for more information and for new ways to keep their family together. As we reflect on the best of mankind, we also will see that people need to adapt to the new circumstances in their lives. This means, now, more than ever, is a great time to start a blog to cater to the new need of 2020. Yep we are talking about the 2020 blog niches!


Take a look at some of the 2020 blog niche trends that could be a new niche of yours today!


Home Repair Blogs

Before buying new, people will focus on fixing what they have and try to save money. From DIY projects that focus on niche to home ideas has always been a great way to get readership but in 2020 it’s going to be even more important than ever.


Affordable at home activities for adults and kids are always a winner. Blogs accompanied with a video outlet (like YouTube) can find viewers looking for low cost crafts while being at home happy.

Home Activities

It’s unlikely you are going to be heading out for vacation any time soon after the world is looking at a serious financial crunch. Blogs on staycations, backyard activities for the kids and even classic board game reviews are going to be heavily relied upon as parents look for activities the kids can do at home (and have fun!)


Families have been, unfortunately temporarily, forced to homeschool situations. As most have realized, this idea might not be the best for their lifestyle. However that doesn’t mean everyone is going back to school as parents have ongoing concerns, issues and kids are facing serious changes. Homeschooling will continue stronger than ever in 2020 and it’s a great time to start a blog.

DIY Clothes

Clothing and fashion have walked hand in hand online for years. In 2020, expect the focus to be stronger than ever as people look for ways to stretch their bottom line and bring fashion to the table. From blogs focusing on flipping tips at consignment shops to heavy thrifting as they look for bargains, this topic is going to bring a lot of interest. Add ways to make clothing last longer – mending, style alternations and the like to pull in even more readers.


Money stretching is going to be a focus. Expect the surge of researching around ways to purchase new items and, instead, re-purpose an item they currently own. These one-of-a-kind hacks will have people swarming the blogs.

Buy, Fix and Flip

It appears the new-to-you market is going to be a strong focus in 2020. The ideas behind pawning items, buying cheap only to fix and resell will be needed. Another aspect to consider: how to be combing the local streets for freebies to resell for a few bucks is going to be popular. Focusing on one marketplace to expand on hacks will be an even stronger niche. eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are outlets that people can use to resell used goods at a higher price.

Stretching Cash

If you didn’t have bills before 2020, it’s possible the year’s unexpectant world situation might have added to the pile. Blogs about saving money, budgeting, investing and more will have people searching the web. It’s going to be essential to family that they make their money stretch farther and people will be looking for ways to do that. Niches could be further developed into places to buy products and watching for sales. Warehouses like Costco and SamsClub will be hot spots. Readers will appreciate details about unique grocers like Aldi’s and Trader Joes along with box stores like Big Lots, Walmart and even Target.

Home Gym Solutions

Looking at the bottom line, there will be few expensive gym memberships being considered. Home workouts, gym apps and inexpensive alternatives are going to be researched and sourced. We all know how important it is to keep up the physical activity in our lives, but it’s going to be essential to figure out economic ways to do it.

DIY Self Care

For most people, the luxury of stylists, beauty shop visits and pampering at stores will be on hold in 2020. Readers are going to be searching for at home haircuts, coloring and other DIY self care beauty essentials. DIY face masks, handmade beauty products and even home waxing kids will be sought after.

Homemade Meals

We all got to eat but looking for healthy resources without paying too much will be a focus. Focusing on niche blogs that cater to exclusive types of cooking – Instant pot, Crockpots, microwave, BBQ will draw readers. Also meal preparations to save cash and have health proportions will also be needed. From freezing techniques to organizing meals.  

Hobbies that Make Money

There are hobbies and then there are hobbies that can be justified to the family as they make a little bit of money while you have fun. In 2020 blog niches that highlight hobbies that could make money will be noticed. From homemade beer and wine to face painting, people are going to be engaging their hobbies to make a few bucks. Don’t forget the season ideas too. Gardening, cooking for events and even event singers are going to be searching for ideas to plus into their hobby and make some cash.


Work at Home

Now more than ever people will be exploring jobs from home. Using the computer into the portal of the unknown, people will be searching for alternative income sources. The 20202 Niche Blogs could offer a look at what is available from blogging to virtual assistants. The need for niche blogs is heavy in this category as everyone will need to find new jobs, second gigs and sources of revenue. Think about the needs of the newbies. From reviewing classes that “gurus” put up to sell items (most of which are full of common knowledge and too high) to legit job listings, it’s a hands on opportunity.

Make up and Cosmetics

Feeling good about themselves during a tough time, readers will search out people who they feel has a stylish connection. Thankfully, what might be the best style of one person may not be of another, but this 2020 niche blog idea has so many potential readers that you can be yourself and still attract a strong crowd.

Audio/Video Conferencing

We might be social beings, but the video conferencing during the earlier part of 2020 is going to impact the way we communicate with people. How-to ideas, DIY options and helping companies scale their employees in the future will attract readers. In fact, I might even check it out as we all want to look better on our computer screens.

Outdoor Activities

One inexpensive way to enjoy the world is to head out into the wild. The idea behind these 2020 niche blogs is you can write about what you love to do too. As focused as fishing in an area, camping in the south or enjoying a beach area could create your blog into a solid local resource. Or make it more general and consider trending ideas about different aspect of our world and all the products that could be useful.

Local Food & Eateries

Reading about food makes the taste buds water. Your readers will connect if they like your style in 2020 as everyone wants to try the best foods in the area. This niches market, unless you are in a big city, will offer your readers a local source to continue to read and engage. Of course, you not only will have a readership, but the chance to check out some of the best food available.


As mentioned above, people might not be heading out any time soon. Not because they don’t want to, but due to financial and even health reasons, it might be they need to relax closer to home. Affordable travel, hometown eateries and even festival highlights will be needed blog niches in 2020

In Closing

As our world has been altered by a world health crisis, so has our need for new information. Consider a 2020 blog niche to help others as well as help yourself as bloggers do create a self sufficient opportunity for themselves and their family.

2020 blog niche trends include Staycations suggestions

Jodi Jill

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