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6 Side Hustles in Los Angeles, Orange County Perfect for 2020

In 2020, side hustles are considered by residents in Los Angeles and Orange County looking for cash. Many people who live in SoCal know that side hustles are what are needed to keep the lights on and gas in the car. Those extra hours are translated into extra cash.

Side Hustles in Los Angeles, Orange County 2020

The term side hustle is thrown around, but the serious cash making folks know this is a great way to earn extra moolah by offering up time to do extra tasks. You rarely meet a creative type who doesn’t have at least one (sometimes a half dozen) side hustles added to their regular routine. The Los Angeles side hustle is a task doing something beyond those eight hours of committed work at a job all the while getting a monetary benefit.

The Los Angeles side hustles and Orange County side hustle is always a topic for new to the area residents too. Frankly, unless you are lucky enough to cruise into the area with a job already set up, it’s not easy scoring a solid job on the first interview. It takes time (and cash) to get set up.

So why do so many SoCal residents have side hustles? Frankly, the idea is that a side hustle will make the quality of life much, much better. Doing simple tasks ultimately translates into cash and since technology offers more opportunities in the community, it’s just common sense. In fact, some people love side hustles so much that’s all they do for work.

Here are some of the common side hustles you will find in the Los Angeles and Orange Country area. Since the demand is so big for more people, don’t think there isn’t room for you to grab side hustles, consider making a few bucks working these side hustles too.

Los Angeles Side Hustles offer cash for 2020

6 Side Hustles in Los Angeles, Orange County

1. Drive Around.

There is plenty to move: people, items and even food. From Uber to Door Dash, there is more cars moving around goods and people than ever before. Believe it or not, it’s become acceptable not to own a car in the LA or OC area thanks to all the commonplace car service apps. You could be a driver and get people to where they need to go. And if you can’t stand people (weird as you do live in SoCal) OK, then driving food and items is still possible as you limit your people interaction but still get paid.

This side hustle has so many scenarios and depending on what part of the area you live in could be very lucrative. It’s also possible you might be able to rent a car for more access to areas or just focus on food deliveries. The possibilities are endless. This open-ended side hustle allows you to decide what works best for you.

2. Pick it Up.

Not to be confused with driving items, there are apps where you get orders, go get the items and then deliver the goods. The most popular must be Instacart. This service is a great side hustle and almost all the grocers have this service (or some variation of it). If you love to shop, but would rather use other people’s money to do it, this might be the prefect side hustle for you.

3. Be A Local Tour Guide.

Do you know all about Orange Country or Los Angeles? Can you share where almost every movie in Hollywood is filmed? Well there is a side hustle for your knowledge. Several apps and which also offer details on our communities match local guides with out of town guests. Of course, if you live in the area you probably already know about the big bus and van tours, but guests want more. A simple tour highlighting an area, a topic (like where they film movies) or even a special theme like the ocean is unique and people sign up to see the offbeat places that we have become used to visiting daily.

4. Tutoring.

If you have a skill, flaunt it. The idea that we live in a multi-cultural community and have so many interesting people can be to your advantage with this side hustle. People desire to learn, be it another language, a business idea or a unique skill. From cooking to English and every subject in-between you could tutor people on a weekly basis or set up classes once a month. There are companies who help individuals with this type of side hustle. Or you could just decide to go solo. This idea is so versatile that you could even tutor online and have students from around the world just by using Skype.

5. Audience Work.

Clap on. Clap off. If you are looking a side hustle completely exclusive to Los Angeles and Orange County, then audience work would be your gig. It’s just as simple as stated. You sit in an audience and work. Laugh, clap, and make noise (or no noise) on command. You sit (or stand) and get paid to watch while offering energy to performers. For the most part, you will never see yourself on camera, but if you laugh loud enough, you might hear yourself on a show in the future.

6. Health Focus.

If you are focused on health, consider a side hustle losing weight or helping others become healthier. There are over a dozen apps that will pay you to lose weight. It sounds crazy, but these incentive apps make you put up cash when you make an agreement to lose pounds. Then when the weight comes off you get your cash back plus a bonus. However, if you don’t drop the weight as agreed upon, they keep your deposit.

If this is a bit too risky for your taste, consider all the side hustles helping others. From part time fitness instructors to life coaches, the possibilities of genuinely helping others while making money is possible. Consider what skills you might have and how you could help others. Plus, if you feel this side hustle would be perfect for you to try there are classes in the SoCal community to certify certain skills and make you an expert.

In Conclusion: Consider a SoCal Side Hustle in 2020

Los Angeles side hustles and Orange County Side hustles are found all over. From picking up scooters to teaching Italian, you could find great paying gigs that help your bottom line. The best part is we live in an area where technology is nurtured, and the app business is growing. Every day there are new apps being introduced where you can make a few extra bucks on the side.

The continually changing technology, massive amounts of traffic and pressure to keep up with all that is needed to survive in our communities, you can bet a side hustle will help cover those extra expenses living in SoCal. Even better, the side hustles offer a few interesting scenarios that you would never find in an office setting.


Jodi Jill

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