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Side Hustle Trends: New 2020 Jobs Showcase Ingenuity

The side hustle trends in 2020 have been surprising. It's almost shocking to see how something that was big and absolutely hiring six months ago is no longer possible at the middle of the year. Then new side hustles or little known side jobs have become new trends. People are searching to find out how to make money with side hustle jobs and it's not as easy as it used to be. The most interesting parts of the side hustle trends in 2020 is how they reflect some wise, creative ideas.

Side hustle trends

Side Hustle Trends Vs Traditional Gigs

As I often meet people in different side hustle opportunities, one of the obvious points I've seen is people are abandoning the more well known side hustles with cars. Yep, there are fewer drivers. Those folks left driving people and food around are doing it for the bonuses offered by the app companies, for the most part. From what I've heard, those bonuses are more than the rides themselves are paying. Participating in the bonus bumps is worth being on the streets hauling people around, but otherwise driving isn't paying so much...

Another previous steady side hustle that's gone away is the survey business. Six months ago people were racking in side hustle cash completing small tasks, naming items in photos and answering questions - all online. There are fewer surveys and more people vying for the chance, leaving it as a once been popular side hustle.

So what is replacing more traditional side hustles? It appears there is a big focus on ingenious ideas that bring in cash and concentrates on skills. Like what? So I know a half dozen or more people who have started a side hustle playing poker online. They obviously put up a bank and block out time for playing daily to raise their pool. At first this sounded weird, but it's gradually making them cash (and they aren't leaving the house).

Another side hustle is contact tracing for local health departments and companies. It's a part time, mostly virtual gig that uses skills to contact and connect with people about contagious illnesses. For the side hustle aspect, people get paid to monitor and keep in contact with a small pool of people to trace until they are well.

Another side hustle making more of a splash is ad coaching. From Facebook to Twitter, social media hounds offer their services to help businesses find target markets. This side hustle is very localized and helps the community too.

In Conclusion

The side hustle trends in today's world are quite different, when comparing to the past side hustles, but still worthy of taking a look. There seems to be many opportunities still out there to try, just make sure you focus on what skills you offer and how you can best bank on them!


Jodi Jill

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